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Music Test 3

What does not characterize the Baroque suite the movements are in contrasting keys
what dance type is not in the baroque suite tarantella
what is the most common form of the individual movement in a suite binary
baroque composers applied the concept of the suite to what? solo instrumental, orchestral, and keyboard music
Concerto the instrumental form based on the contrast of two dissimilar bodies of sound is called?
the typical solo has_______ movements three
The______ form in a concerto is based on the alternation between orchestral statements and virtuosic passages for a soloist ritornello
Who is the greatest and most prolific Italian composer of concertos? Vivaldi
Antonio Vivaldi was known as the “red priest” for what? the color of his hair
Vivaldi lived and worked in what city? Venice
most sundays in church required what? cantatas
How many cantatas are produced in an annual cycle? 60
What did the Florentine Camerata do? cultivated monody and aimed to resurrect the musical dramatic art of ancient Greece
Who were the members of the Florentine Camerata? Giullio Caccino, Count Bardi, Girolamo Mei, Vincenzo Galilee, Petro Strozzi among others
What did the Florentine Camerata led to the development of? opera
Which instrument would have made up a box continuum?
What is figured bass? Baroque practice consisting of an independent bass line that often includes numerals indicating the harmony to be supplied by the performer; thorough bass
What is the definition of an opera? a large scale drama that is sung
What is a larger accompanying group of instruments that made up part of the concerto gross? Tutti
What is Aria? lyric song for solo voice with orchestral accompaniment, generally expressing intense emotion; found in opera, cantata, and oratorio
What is overture? an introductory movement, as in an opera or oratorio, often presenting melodies from arias to come. Also an orchestral work for concert performance
Who was the master of the oratorio? Handel
What is Ritornello? short recurring instrumental passage found in both the aria and the Baroque concerto
What is Libertto? the “book” in a musical, the text or script of an opera, oratorio, cantata, or musical
Who was the first great master of opera? Monte Verdi
All of the earliest operas took their plot from what? Greek Mythology
What is an English Masque? type of entertainment that combined vocal and instrumental music with poetry and dance which became popular among the aristocracy
What is a Masque? English genre of aristocratic entertainment that combined vocal and instrumental music with poetry and dance, developed during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
Who was Henry Purcell? The greatest native-born composer
What is the Cantata apart of? The lutheran Church
What was the oratorio apart of? the Catholic Church
Characteristics of a chorale o Hymn tune specifically associated with German Protestantism o Lutheran cantatas are generally unified by theseo Hymn tune, sung in four part harmony
Which jobs did Sebastian Bach have? o Court organist and chamber musician to the duke of Weimaro Cantor at St. Thomas’s Church in Leipzig
What was his position as the Cantor in the St. Thomas Church in Leipzing? Supervised the music for the city’s four main churches, selected and trained their choristers, and wrote music for the daily church services
Bach was famous on what instrument? Organ
What is counterpoint? The principle element of the fugue
Characteristics of an oratorio? o Generally based on a biblical story, performed in church without scenery, costumes, or acting.o Action was usually depicted with help of narrator, in a series of recitatives and arias, ensemble numbers such as duets and trios, and choruses
What are the plots of oratorios drawn from? biblical texts
Who was considered a master of the oratorio? George Handel
George Handel was born in_____, studied in______, and spent his professional life in_____. Germany, Italy, England
What are the dances of the Baroque Suite? International dances all in the same key; Allemande (German), Courante (French), Sarabande (Spanish), Other dance (Minuet, Gavotte, Bouree, etc.) and a Gigue (English).
What type of dance form is in the baroque? binary form
Who was the core composer of Louie XIV? Lully
What is the difference between and solo concerto and a gross concerto? one instrument set against the orchestra vs. a small group of soloists and orchestra
Secco is accompanied by what? by only continuo instruments and moves with great freedom
Accompagnato is accompanied by what? by the orchestra and thus moves more evenly
Da Capo Aria’s return of the a section was described as? highly embellished
How many cantatas did Bach write? over 200
How many kids did Bach have? 19
When did composers start orchestrating their own music? By the Baroque era
How did Bach highlight the spirit of the concerto grosso? in his sis Brandenburg Concertos, written for presentation to the Margrave Christian of Brandenburg, each features a unique instrumentation in the solo group, the concerto embodied what one writer of the time called “the fire and fury of the Italian style”
The three board instruments of the baroque include? the organ, harpsichord and clavichord
The piano is not…. a three board instruments
Oratorio was generally…. based on a biblical story, performed in church without scenery, costumes or acting
Baroque era was a time of what? turbulent change in Europe as well as much exploration and colonization of the New World
Contrast was a basic element of Baroque music
Concerto expressed the principle of contrast through opposition between two dissimilar bodies of sound

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