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Music Survey Quiz #2 Baroque

true a cantata is a choral piece, and the word means “that which is sung”
false the small group of instruments that accompanies the singer in Baroque opera is called the oratorio
true the overall form of a da capo aria is ABA
False there is no difference between a concerto and a concerto grosso
true the type of opera singing that lies somewhere between singing and speaking is called recitative.
Organ the _______ is often called “the king of instruments” and features such elements as stops, manuals, and pedal boards.
Bach who was a German composer who wrote over 200 cantatas while working at the st. Thomas church in Leipzig. he was also a major organ composer, but wrote no operas.
oratorio what genre was started when the church banned the performance of opera during lent?
chamber music music performed in small rooms with one player to a part is called what?
program music music that is explicitly connected in some way with a story, person, or idea outside of the music itself is called what?
opera a drama sung from beginning to end.
ritornello this “principle” features alternating sections of full orchestra and soloist(s).
Messiah perhaps the best known oratorio ever written
fugue this word comes from fugitive and refers to the tendency of voices to “chase” one another.
aria the more lyrical number in opera that conveys deeper meaning.
Monteverdi one of the earliest composers of opera who wrote orpheas in 1607 and later served as a music director at St. Mark’s cathedral in Venice.
Vivaldi a composer and virtuoso violinist.
Stradivari famous violin maker of the Baroque era.
women could not be on stage with men In early operas, female roles were often played by men because:
basso continuo In Baroque opera, the group of instruments accompanying the singer is called the what?
virtually no professional prospects for women composers During the Baroque Era, there were:
concerto instrumental work for soloist and a large ensemble
Antonio Vivaldi red priest
has no valves How is the Baroque trumpet different from the modern trumpet?
Cantata which genre did Bach compose for the weekly Lutheran worship services
oratorio is musically very similar to an opera, but is unstated and based on a sacred topic.
1600-1750 the baroque era is from..

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