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music quiz #1

phrase a part of a melody is called a ______. it can be sung on one breath and ends at a point of full or partial rest.
legato a smooth, connected style of playing a melody is known as what?
In a short, detached manner Staccato refers to playing or singing a melody
Climax The emotional focal point of a melody is called the
Adjacent scale tones A melody is said to move by steps if it moves by
Range The distance between a melody’s lowest and highest tones is known as its
A series of single notes which add up to a recognizable whole What is a melody?
Ritardando A gradual slowing- down of tempo is indicated by the term
Adagio What is the slowest tempo indication
Vicace The Italian term ____ is a tempo marking to indicate a lively pace.
Adante The Italian term_____ is a tempo marking to indicate a moderately slow or walking pace
Tempo The term _____ refers to the speed of the beat of the music
Syncopation What is a characteristic feature of jazz music?
Syncopation ______ is the effected of unexpected accents in the music.
Downbeat The first, or stressed, beat of a measure is known as the
Meter The organization of beats into regular groups is called
Rhythm The element of music defined as the order flow of music thorough time, or more specifically, the lenticular arrangement of note lengths in a piece of music is
Beat The _____ is a regular, recurrent pulsation that divides music into equal units of time.
Part of an instrument’s total range To what does register refer to?
Contralto What is not abnormal classification of male voice ranges?
An octave and a half While professional singers can command a pitch range to 2 octaves or more, an untrained voice is usually limited to about
Training and physical makeup On what does the range of a singer’s voice depend on?
Timbre Tone color is synonymous with
Tone color Timbre is synonymous with
Diminuendo A gradual decrease in loudness is known as a
Crescendo A gradual increase in loudness is known as a
Pianissimo, piano, fortissimo The Italian dynamic markings traditionally used to indicate very soft, soft, and very loud are respectively
Dynamic accent When a performer emphasizing a tone by playing it more loudly than the tones around it, it is called a___
Emphasizes a tone by playing it more loudly than the tones around it A dynamic accent occurs in music when a performer does what?
Amplitude The loudness of a sound is related to the ____ of the vibration that produces the sound
The degree of loudness and softness To what does dynamic in music refer to?
pitch range The distance between the lowest and highest tones a voice or instrument can produce is called
Octave When tones are separated by the interval called a(n) ___ they sound very much alike.
Octave The interval that occurs when 2 different tones blend so well when sounded together that they seem to merge into one tone, is called a(n)_____
440 If a pitch coverages at 880 cycles, the octave below would vibrate at____ cycles
An interval The distance in pitch between any 2 tones is called
Has a definite pitch A tone in music is a sound that
Tone In music, a sound that has a definite pitch is called a
Higher In general, the smaller the vibrating element, the___ its pitch
In cycles per second How is frequency of vibrations measured
Frequency A specific pitch corresponds to a specific
The relative highness or lowness that we hear in a sound What is pitch in music
Pitch The ____ of a sound is decided by the frequency of its vibrations
Pitch The relative highness or lowness of a sound is called
Duration The 4 main properties of musical sounds are pitch, dynamics, tone color, and
An art on the organization of sounds in time How can music be defined

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