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Music Exam Questions: Baroque Era

Drama that is sung is called… an opera
The vocal style in opera that imitates the natural inflection of speech is… recitative
Opera was born through the musical innovation of… Florentine Camerata
A highly emotional song in an opera is called… an aria
The orchestral introduction heard at the beginning of an opera is called… an overture
The text of an opera is called… libretto
Who is best viewed as the first master of opera? Monteverdi
The earliest opera plots were from… Greek mythology
A type of English entertainment combining music poetry and dance was called… masque
The greatest native-born English composer of the Baroque was… Henry Purcell
Dido sings her famous lament in Purcells’ opera Did and Aeneas just prior to… killing herself
Dido’s Lament from Purcell’s opera Dido and Aeneas is composed of… over a ground bass
The sacred cantata was an integral part of the… Lutheran church service
Bach was most famous for… the organ
Which is not an oratorio? elaborate scenery
The stories for oratorios are generally drawn from… the Bible
George Frideric Handel was a master of… the oratorio
Later Handel turned his effort from opera to… the oratorio
Handel’s Messiah is… an oratorio
“Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion” from Messiah is an example of… a capo aria
The famous chorale climax in part II of Handel’s Messiah is… “The Halleluiah Chorus”
1st era of Western Music history in which instrument music were as important as singing music is… Baroque
Which is not a major difference between Baroque and modern violins? general shape of the instrument
What is in a contrasting key and does not characterize the suite? each movement
Water music by Handel is best described as a… suite
Dominant instruments in Mouet’s Rondeau is… the trumpet
The form of the rondeau is… ABADA
Instrumental form bases on the contrast of dissimilar masses of sound is.. concerto
Typical solo concerto has… 3 movements
A concerto base on the opposition of small and large groups of instruments is… concerto grosso
Solo instruments in Spring from the Four Seasons is.. violin
Who composed the Brandenburg Concertos? Bach
Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto comprises of how many movements? six
The accompanying groups in a concerto group is the… vipieno
The solo group in a concerto grosso is… the concertino
What was the most important instrument in the Baroque era? the piano
What is a keyboard instrument in which the strings are plucked by quills? the harpsichord
What is an improvisatory virtuosic keyboard work? Toccata
What is a work of an organ that displays the virtuosity of the organist? a chorale prelude
What is a keyboard form based on the principle of voices imitating each other? the Fugue
What is the principle element of a Fugue? chorale tone
The 2nd entrance of the subject is… the answer
What is not a contrapuntal device that alters the original theme? prelude
In a Fugue, the technique of stating the theme is faster rhythm… diminution
The opening section of the Fugue, in which all voices successively introduce the subject is… exposition
How many preludes and Fugues are contained in the two well-tempered clavier volumes? 48
Bach’s last demonstration of contrapuntal mastery was… the Art of Fugue
How many voices or individual lines are there in Bach’s contrapuntal from the Art of Fugue? four
The Beggar’s Opera was first presented in… London
John Gay’s the Beggar’s Opera is best described as… a ballad or a dialogue opera
Opera buffa is comic opera form in… Italy

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