A melody, whether sung or performed on an instrument, is often referred to as:Select one:a. an inversion.b. a voice. c. a round. a voice
A round is based on the principle of ____________ where each voice enters in succession with the same melody.Select one:a. augmentationb. imitationc. inversion imitation
A single-line texture is known as:Select one:a. homophony.b. polyphony.c. monophony monophony
A texture in which a melody is combined with a second melody is called:Select one:a. homophonic.b. monophonic.c. polyphonic polyphonic
A texture in which all voices move together in the same rhythm is called:Select one:a. homorhythmic. b. polyphonic.c. heterophonic. a. homorhythmic.
A work that is comprised of a strictly imitative musical texture is called a:Select one:a. canon. b. verse.c. refrain canon
Musical texture can best be compared to:Select one:a. the cross weave of a piece of fabric.b. paint on a wall. c. a brick wall. a. the cross weave of a piece of fabric.
One person singing Happy Birthday with simple chords accompanying the melody produces aNo _________ texture.Select one:a. monophonicb. imitative c. homophonic homophonic
Row, Row, Row Your Boat is an example of:Select one:a. monophony. b. a round.c. homophony. a round
The compositional device of presenting a melodic idea in one voice, and then restating it in another voice, is called:Select one:a. augmentation.b. imitation.c. inversion imitation
The interweaving of melody and harmony produces ____________ in music.Select one:a. texture b. rhythmc. ostinato texture
The texture of a round is:Select one:a. monophonic.b. homophonic.c. polyphonic polyphonic
Which of the following is NOT a part of the definition of homorhythm?Select one:a. The harmony does not move in synchronization with the melody.b. If there is a text, the words are usually sounded together.c. All the melodic lines move together in the same rhythm a. The harmony does not move in synchronization with the melody.
Which of the following textures is based on counterpoint?Select one:a. monophonyb. polyphonyc. homophony polyphony
A composition will always use one texture throughout.Select one:TrueFalse false
In a homophonic texture the harmony is heard as secondary to the melody.Select one:TrueFalse true
Monophonic texture is the simplest musical texture.Select one:TrueFalse true
Polyphonic texture is the most familiar texture to today’s listener.Select one:TrueFalse false
Polyphonic textures require more experienced listening than homophonic or monophonic textures.Select one:TrueFalse true
The earliest Western music that we know about was monophonic.Select one:TrueFalse true
A ___________can serve as the building block in the construction of a musical work.Select one:a. theme b. sequencec. variation theme
A fragment of a theme that forms a melodic-rhythmic unit is called a:Select one:a. countermelody.b. movement.c. motive motive
A principle of form that is based on repeated alterations of a given melody (which is nonetheless still recognizable) is called:Select one:a. repetition.b. contrast.c. variation variation
A short, repeated musical pattern used as a structural device in music is known as aNo:Select one:a. drone.b. ostinato. c. contour. ostinato
In the national tune America, the phrases “Land where my fathers died” and “Land of the Pilgrim’s Pride” are in:Select one:a. ternary.b. binary.c. improvisation.d. sequence sequence
Independent parts of a large-scale work (a symphony, for example) are called:Select one:a. movements. b. motives.c. sequences. movements
The English folk song Greensleeves is in what form?Select one:a. binaryb. ternary c. through-composed binary
The Shaker hymn Simple Gifts is in what form?Select one:a. binaryb. ternaryc. through-composed ternary
Varying the melody, harmony, or rhythm of a theme is known as:Select one:a. ostinato.b. ternary.c. thematic development thematic development
When a melodic idea is restated at a lower or higher pitch level, this is known as:Select one:a. ostinato.b. sequence.c. binary.d. ternary sequence
Which form features a statement of an idea, a contrasting idea, then a repetition of the first idea?Select one:a. binaryb. ternaryc. improvisation ternary
In through-composed songs, music from previous stanzas is repeated.Select one:TrueFalse False
Movements in a large-scale musical work can be compared to chapters in a novel.Select one:TrueFalse true
Ostinato is particularly prevalent in blues, rock, and rap.Select one:TrueFalse true
Ternary form consists of a statement followed by a departure.Select one:TrueFalse false
The three most basic elements of form are repetition, contrast, and variation.Select one:TrueFalse true
Themes can be comprised of smaller units known as motives.Select one:TrueFalse true