Music Flashcards

Music Appreciation Unit 3

Whoch of the following was one of the first instruments that prehistoric people probably used? Vocies
Prehistoric or primitive music comes from what type of cultures? Preliterate
Dorian mode begins on what note? D
Which philosopher laid some of the foundations for modern music theory? Aristotle
Hildegard Von Bingen was a famous German troubadour False
Prehistoric music was often written down on clay tablets False
During medieval times, secular music was outlawed by the church and was not played False
What was the Samaveda? Collection of hymns
Who studied the relationship between music intervals? Pythagoras
The ancient Egyptians adorned harps with gold and silver True
Lyric poetry included poems that were accompanied by instrumental music, often from a lyre. True
The modes used for Gregorian chants all began with E False
Monophonic music uses how many voices? One
The early Egyptians are thought to have used what type of scale? Five tone
Chants are commonly used by monks during religious services True

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