It is more difficult to sing then to speak because A. Singing demands a greater supply of air and control of breath
The range of a singer’s voice depends on .. A. Training and physical makeup
While professional singers can command a pitch range of two octaves or more, an untrained voice is usually limited to about… A. An octave and a half
What is not a normal classification of male voice ranges? A. Contralto
Register refers to .. A. Part of an instruments total range
A part of an instrument total range is called … A. Register
A symphonic band .. A. Consists mainly of brass, woodwind , and percussion instruments
Symphonic bands differ from symphonic orchestras in that they … A. Do not contain a string section
The bow that string players usually use to produce sound on their instruments is a slightly curved stick strung tightly with.. A. Horsehair
The strings of a violin are tuned .. A. By tightening or loosing the pegs
Plucking the string with the finger instead of using a bow called .. A. Pizzicato
Pizzicato is an indication to the performer to .. A. Pluck the string with the finger instead of using the bow
When the string player causes small pitch fluctuations by rocking the left hand while pressing the string down . It is called … A. Vibrato
If a string player uses vibrato , it is most likely because .. A. Using vibrato makes the tone warmer and more expressive
The very high pitched tones that are produced when a string player lightly touches certain points on a string are called .. A. Harmonics
Rapidly repeating tones by quick up and down strokes of the bow is a string technique known as .. A. Tremolo
Woodwind instruments are so named because they .. A. Were originally made of wood
The lowest instrument in the orchestra is the .. A. Contrabassoon
The highest woodwind instrument in the orchestra is the .. A. Piccolo
Flute and piccolo players .. A. Blow across the edge of a mouth hole
A thin piece of cane used in singly or in pairs by woodwinds players is called a .. A. Reed
The English horn is neither English nor a horn but a .. A. Alto oboe
The saxophone is.. A. A single reed woodwind instrument
Which is not a double Reed instrument? Cornet or English horn A. English horn
Which of the following is not a double reed instrument ? Oboe or clarinet A. Clarinet
The vibrations of brass instruments come from .. A. The musicians lips
Brass instruments did not acquire valves until the .. A. Middle of the 19th
The _______ is similar in shape to the trumpet , but it’s time is more mellow A. Cornet
A hollow , funnel shaped piece of wood or plastic that brass players use to alter the tone of their instruments is called a .. A. Mute
Before 1850 , French horn and trumpet players would insert _______ into their instruments to change the range of available pitches . A. Crooks
The _____ are the only orchestral drums of the definite pitch A. Timpani
Which of course he following is not a percussion instrument of definite pitch ? Timpani or TambourineA. Tambourine
The xylophone consists of a set of ___ bars that are played with mallets A. Wooden
The piano has ____ keys , spanning more than 7 octaves A. 88
The ___ pedal is the most important of the three pedals usually found on a piano A. Damper
The ____ has many sets of pipes controlled from several keyboards , including a pedal keyboard A. Pipe organ
The ___ has strings Taft are plucked by a set of plastic , leather , or quill wedges A. Harpsichord
The ___ is a keyboard instrument that uses vibrating air columns to produce sounds A. Accordion
Various sets of pipes on pipe organ are brought into play by pulling knobs Called .. A. Stops
The main tool of composers of electronic music during the 1950s was the … A. Tape studio
___ are systems of electronic components that generate , modify and control sound . A. Synthesizer
Synthesizers … A. All answers correct
A technology based on placing brief digital recordings of live sounds under the control of a synthesizer keyboard is known as … A. Sampling
Analog synthesis refers to a technology based on … A. Representing data in terms of measurable physical quantities
MIDI is a … A. Standard adopted by manufacturers for interfacing synthesizer equipment
Digital frequency modulation synthesis refers to a technology based on … A. Representing physical quantities as numbers
The quality of the music produced in a modern electronic music studio is dependent on the .. A. Imagination and organizing power of the human mind
List the three voice parts of women’s A. soprano Mezzo soprano Alto or contralto
List three parts of the men voice parts A. Tenor. Baritone Bass
Brass (list) (5) A. Trumpet / cornet A. French horn A. Trombone A. Baritone / euphonium A. Tuba
Woodwind (list) (6) A. Flute – flute – piccolo A. Clarinet – brass clarinet – oboe – English horn A. Bassoon – cantrabassan – saxophone
Strings (list ) (4) A. Violin A. Viola A. Cello A. Double bass
Percussion (list) (4) Definite pitch -Timpani , glockenspiel , xylophone , chimes , celesta Indefinite pitch – Snare drum , bass drum , tambourine, cymbals , gong/tam tam , triangle
Keyword (list) (3) A. Piano A. Organ A. Harpsichord