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Music Appreciation Final Exam (69)The librettist of Doctor Atomic is

Which of the following characterizes historical opera? It evokes the emotions of historical figures.
In his post-minimalist style, John Adams combines minimalism with: neo-romanticism
Although educated at Harvard, John Adams has spent most of his career in: san fransisco, california
The music of John Adams reflects the influence of: rock
Which of the following composers wrote the opera Nixon in China? john adams
John Adams’s opera Doctor Atomic is based on the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer.
The librettist of Doctor Atomic is Peter Sellars.
Which of the following was NOT a source for the libretto of Doctor Atomic William Shakespeare’s sonnets
Which of the following is NOT among the performing forces for “At the sight of this,” from Doctor Atomic piano
Which of the following does NOT describe “At the sight of this” from Adams’s Doctor Atomic It avoids dissonance.
John Adams can be considered a post-minimalist composer. T
The music of John Adams exhibits elements of neo-Romanticism. T
Nixon in China is an opera by Philip Glass F
All of John Adams’s best-known operas are based on historical events. T
John Adams won a Pulitzer Prize for On the Transmigration of Soul T
Doctor Atomic tells of the events leading to the initial test of the first atomic bomb T
The libretto of Doctor Atomic includes excerpts from the Hindu Bhagavad Gita, even though Oppenheimer was unfamiliar with that text F
“At the sight of this” from Doctor Atomic includes electronic sonorities T
“At the sight of this” from Doctor Atomic is highlighted by long, lyric melodies sung by Oppenheimer F
Adams’s opera The Death of Klinghoffer created a controversy T

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