Music Flashcards

Music Appreciation Chapter 9

Which of the following are descriptions of female vocal ranges? altosopranomezzo-soprano
What is the classification of an instrument that makes sound from a vibrating string? chordophone
Match the following example to the world instrument category of the instrument that is performing it. chordophoneIn a Mountain Path (bowed erhu, China)Avaz of Bayate Esfahan (santur, Iran)idiophoneDougla Dance (steel drums, Trinidad)Tabuh Kenilu Sawik (gongs, Indonesia)aerophoneLos Jilacatas (panpipes, Peru)Go to Berwick, Johnny (bagpipe, Scotland)membranophoneGota (drums, Ghana, West Africa)Bhimpalási (tabla, North India)
Which of the following are descriptions of male vocal ranges? tenorbaritonebass
Instrumentalists seek to avoid the use of vibrato in their playing. False

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