The phrase Middle Ages refers to the period of European history spanning 450-1450
Which of the following is not a part of the mass ordinary? Ave Maria
An estampie is a medieval Dance
Gregorian chant is monophonic in texture
Which of the following is not true of Gregorian chant? It is usually polyphonic in texture.
Gregorian chant melodies tend to move stepwise within a narrow range of pitches.
Which of the following was an important innovation of the Notre Dame composers in the Middle Ages? Measured rhythm
Pope Gregory the Great reorganized the Catholic church liturgy during his reign from 590 to 604
The earliest known composers to write music with measured rhythm were Leonin and Perotin.
Leonin and Perotin are notable because theyindicated definite time values and a clearly defined meter in their music.were the leaders of the school of Notre Dame.are the first important composers known by name. all of the above
The ars nova or new art differed from older music in that a new system of notation permitted composers to specify almost any rhythmic pattern.
The first large body of secular songs that survives in decipherable notation was composed during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.
One of the major characteristics of ars nova music is its use of syncopation.
The intellectual movement called humanism focused on human life and its accomplishments.
An outstanding composer of the ars nova was Guillaume de Machaut.
Organum Medieval music consisting of Gregorian Chant and one or more additional lines
Jongleurs Wandering minstrels of the Middle Ages
Trouvéres Poet-musicians of the French Nobility
Shawm Early double-reed woodwind instrument
Lute Plucked string instrument with pear-shaped body and usually a bent neck and fretted fingerboard
Cantus Firmus Latin term meaning fixed melody, referring to a chant that is used as the basis for polphony
Church Nodes Scales consisting of seven different tones, whose patterns are different from the major and minor scales
Chant Melody sung without accompaniment
Mass Ordinary Text portions of the Roman Catholic mass which remain the same each day
Mass Proper Text portions of the Roman Catholic mass which change from day to day
Guillaume de Machaut An outstanding composer of the ars nova
Pope Gregory I Reorganizer of the Catholic liturgy
Beatriz de Dia A famous French woman troubadour
Perotin A major composer of the school of Notre Dame
Hildegard of Bingen Abbess and composer active in the twelfth century