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Music Appreciation Chapter 16

Why is Renaissance painting considered more realistic than medieval painting? Renaissance painters discovered a perspective that made it possible to see the whole simultaneously
Which of the following best characterizes humanism? a. thinking centered on human issues and individuality b. inspiration from the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome c. independence from tradition and religion
Which of the following best describes the texture of ideal Renaissance sacred music? Imitative
A fixed melody used as a basis for elaborate polyphonic writing during the Renaissance is called: a cantus firmus
Which early Renaissance composer exerted a powerful influence on generations of composers who followed? Josquin
The dominant composers of the early Renaissance came from northern europe
During the Renaissance there was a growing reliance on: reason and scientific inquiry.
A sacred work with a Latin text for use in the Mass and other religious services is called a: motet
Religious belief became more personal during the Renaissance. True
Renaissance painters preferred symbolism to realism. False
Music for the Christian church was sung primarily by professional male singers trained from childhood. True
An a cappella choir is accompanied by the organ False
One of the reasons for the success of the Renaissance motet was its free use of vernacular languages. False
Josquin’s career centered exclusively in his native France. False
The motet is a secular work with a Latin text. False

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