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The text of the Kyrie is based on a _______ prayer. Greek
Hildegard of Bingen was born into a _____ noble family. German
Hildegard’s Alleluia, O virgo mediatrix is a Gregorian chant. (T/F) FALSE
Hildegard’s chant Alleluia, O virga mediatrix was intended for performance on a feast day of the Virgin Mary. (T/F)TRUE
How many Gregorian chants survive? over three thousand
In plainchant from the Middle Ages, if there are many notes per syllable, the style is called melismatic.
In regards to Hildegard of Bingen, which statement is NOT true? She was the first to notate plainchant. She founded a monastery. She was given to the church as a tithe. She was renowned as a poet and prophet. She was the first to notate plainchant
In the Middle Ages, it was assumed that women were worthy of connection with the divine (T/F) False
Starting in the Middle Ages, monasteries fostered the development of worship music (T/F)TRUE
Modal melodies of the early Christian church are similar to melodies and scales from the Middle East.
Music performed with exchanges between a soloist and chorus is called responsorial.
The musical attributes of plainchant include all of the following except it is sung a cappella. it is in a monophonic texture. it is a free-flowing vocal line. it is in a major key. it is in a major key.
Pope Gregory the Great composed all of the Gregorian chant melodies. (T/F)False
What is the Mass? Both a reenactment of Christ’s Last Supper with his disciples and the primary (and most solemn) ritual of the Roman Catholic Church.
The Mass Ordinary contains the texts that remain the same in every Mass
The Mass Proper contains prayer texts that vary from day to day throughout the church year.
The set order of services and structure of each church service is known as liturgy.
The text setting in Alleluia, O virga mediatrix is mostly syllabic. (T/F)False
Those who sang Gregorian plainchant during the Middle Ages believed it had been composed by the divine and not the human mind. (T/F)True
What are the daily Offices? A series of services celebrated in religious communities at various hours of the day.
What does antiphonal mean? a performance style that alternates between two groups
What might explain why medieval chants can sound unfamiliar to a modern listener? they are modal
What musical aspect is found in Hildegard’s praise songs, but is not found in most Gregorian chant? wide leaps
Which of the following is NOT true of Gregorian chant (plainchant) melodies? There are over 3,000 in existence. The composers of most of them are unknown. They are in Latin. They are in Hebrew and Syrian. They are in Hebrew and Syrian.
_______, little ascending and descending signs written above the words that suggested the shape of the melodic line, helped singers remember the general shapes of the different melodies. Neumes
A fixed pattern of long and short notes that is repeated or varied is known as a rhythmic mode
Composers from ________ were at the forefront of musical composition. the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris
Composers of organum based their pieces on preexisting Gregorian chants.
Which term describes the texture of two or more melodies performed at the same time? polyphony
The text setting of Gaude Maria virgo is highly melismatic.
Gaude Maria virgo is performed a cappella
Gaude Maria virgo is sung in Latin.
Musical notation of polyphony allowed for more detail and control over the musical texture. (T/F)True
Organum grew out of the improvisatory custom of adding a second voice to a Gregorian melody
Pérotin’s organum increased the number of voices to three and then to four.
Polyphony was universally accepted in medieval religious communities. (T/F) False
Polyphony was utilized to enhance worship on the most significant feast days in the church year. (T/F)TRUE
Singing polyphony required specialized singers. (T/F)TRUE
The compilation of early polyphony is the Great Book of Organum.
The earliest polyphonic music is called organum.
The first type of polyphony was Gregorian chant. (T/F)False
The performance of Gaude Maria virgo is typical of the genre in that it is sung antiphonally. What does antiphonal mean? a performance style that alternates between two groups
What was the single most important feature in the development of Western music? polyphony
Which of the following is a true statement? Léonin is the first composer of polyphonic music whose name we know. Pérotin is the first composer of polyphonic music whose name we know. Léonin and Pérotin were at the forefront of composition at St. Mark’s in Venice. Anonymous IV is the first composer of polyphonic music whose name we know Léonin is the first composer of polyphonic music whose name we know.
Which of the following statements is NOT true? Notated polyphony emerged at the end of the Renaissance. Polyphonic music required a more exact notational system. With the development of notation, music became more carefully planned and preserved. European polyphony is distinctive because it was notated. Notated polyphony emerged at the end of the Renaissance.
Which statement regarding polyphony in the Middle Ages is NOT true? Some religious communities saw polyphony as a distraction. Composers of polyphony were sometimes characterized as vain. Polyphonic music became increasingly sought after. Polyphonic music was sung by the church congregation. Polyphonic music was sung by the church congregation
Which voice in organum carries the original chant in sustained notes? the lower voice
Who was Léonin’s successor? Pérotin
Who was the first leader of the Notre Dame School? Léonin
______ is credited with compiling the Magnus liber organi. Léonin
During the later Middle Ages, polyphonic developments in sacred music carried over to the secular realm. True
Music, mathematics, geometry, and astronomy were the four topics considered essential to medieval education.
How does Machaut convey the medieval fascination for puzzles in Ma fin est mon commencement? palindromic structure
In the Western tradition, music historically has not been linked to mathematics and geometry. False
In which poetic form is Machaut’s chanson Ma fin est mon commencement set? rondeau
European contacts with _______ inspired new concepts of art. Eastern cultures
Which secular medieval musicians entertained audiences at the higher social levels? troubadours
Machaut was the first composer self-consciously to attempt a compositional legacy. TRUE
Machaut’s own poetry often centers on the idea of medieval chivalry.
The Ars nova began in Italy around the early 1400s. False
The Ars nova ushered in developments in ______ that transformed the art of music. rhythm meter harmony All possible answers All possible answers.
The poems of the troubadour and trouvère repertory include political and moral ditties. love songs centered on the idea of “unrequited love.” laments. All possible answers. All possible answers
The poet-musicians who flourished in the south of France were known as troubadours.
There was an interest in both the regularity and complexity of musical patterns during the Ars nova. TRUE
Trouvères, medieval poet-musicians from the northern region of France, were members of the upper classes and the aristocracy
What is the genre of Machaut’s Ma fin est mon commencement? polyphonic secular chanson
What was the period that immediately preceded the Ars nova called? Ars antiqua
Where did Machaut work as a priest? Reims Cathedral
Which is a true statement regarding Machaut’s songs? Machaut’s songs are characterized by simple meters and rhythms. Machaut turned increasingly to sacred themes. Machaut set his chansons to French courtly love poems. All statements are true. Machaut set his chansons to French courtly love poems.
Which musical style appeared in the early 1300s in France and soon thereafter in Italy? Ars nova
Which of the following is/are poetic forms used in medieval chansons? ballade virelai rondeau All possible answers. All possible answers.
Which of the following topics might be found in medieval lyrics?unrequited love politics songs of the Crusades All possible answers. All possible answers
Which statement about Machaut is NOT true? His music and poetry were admired long after his death. He took holy orders but worked for multiple French courts. He turned increasingly from religious to secular themes. He was an influential composer of the Ars antiqua style. He was an influential composer of the Ars antiqua style.
Who of the following was NOT a medieval writer/poet? Boccaccio Chaucer Pythagoras Petrarch Pythagoras
________ mean(s) “finders” or “inventors.” Troubadours and trouvères
An unexpected harsh dissonance coinciding with the word “death” is an example of word-painting.
At which point in the text of Fair Phyllis does the work change to an imitative texture? “Up and down he wandered”
Both Italian and English madrigals often feature word-painting. True
Farmer “paints” the first line of the text, “Fair Phyllis I saw sitting all alone,” through the use of monophony.
Farmer’s Fair Phyllis is written for _____ voices four
In addition to the Italian madrigal, what other genre arose from the union of poetry and music during the Renaissance? French chanson
In madrigal poetry, references to death were erotic.
In which country did Monteverdi live and work? Italy
Which musical trait does NOT apply to Monteverdi’s madrigals? vivid depiction of emotional words rich chromatic harmony simple vocal style All possible answers. simple vocal style
Monteverdi emphasizes the last line of the poem in the madrigal Si ch’io vorrei morire by not repeating it. False
Monteverdi uses word-painting to portray the images found in the poetry for his madrigal Si ch’io vorrei morire. TRUE
Monteverdi’s Si ch’io vorrei morire is sung in Italian.
Which describes the performing forces of Monteverdi’s Si ch’io vorrei morire? 5-voice a cappella group
Which of the following instruments was likely found in prosperous homes during the Renaissance? lute
Sometimes humorous madrigals would have a refrain of syllables such as “fa la la.” TRUE
In regards to typical English madrigals, which statement is true? They often have lively rhythms. They often have pastoral texts. The texts are often humorous. All statements are true. All statements are true
In which of the following ways did Renaissance composers enhance the emotional content of madrigals? through the use of madrigalisms
The English madrigal preceded the development of the Italian madrigal by some one hundred years. False
The chief concern of the early madrigalists was to give pleasure to the amateur performer. TRUE
The mood of Farmer’s madrigal Fair Phyllis is light and pastoral.
The text of John Farmer’s Fair Phyllis refers to real historical figures. False
Where did the madrigal first emerge as an important genre? Italian courts at the beginning of the 1500s
Which of the following relate(s) to the genre of madrigal? direct expression of a composer’s musical personality most important secular genre of the Renaissance aristocratic form of poetry and music All possible answers. All possible answers.
Who of the following composers was influential in the later Italian madrigal tradition? Claudio Monteverdi
_______ claimed “the text should be the master of the music, not the servant.” Claudio Monteverdi

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