Music may have been a fundamental building block in the development of culture because It provided an early model for social cooperation
Music’s regenerative powers can be seen in the myth of Orpheus and Euridice
The story of tawa and spider woman comes from The Hopi of the southwestern US
The 19th century British anthropologist who defined culture as a complex whole is Edward Tylor
A feature that unifies Baroque music is the use of basso continuo which is A continuous bass line
Which of the following is not true Culture is fixed and impermeable
Music is often categorized into three broad categories they are: World music, popular music, western art music
Music scholars divide western art music into___ historical periods Six
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived during the day Classical Period
Which of the following is not true Going to a symphony orchestra concert often damages hearing
The six elements ( or fundamentals of music are) Melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre, texture, form
A conjunct Melody Moves by step
Which of the following statements are not true Music is a universal language
Melodies in all cultures have the following in common All can be considered as distinctly ordered tones sounding through time
What is the phrase structure of summer time ABAC
The reason you can tell the difference between your mother’s voice and your girlfriends voice or the difference between a clarinet and a flute is because of Timbre
___________ is an essential elements of the Balinese rhythmic system Kotekan
a time signature indicates Demeter and which type of note gets the beat
In western music the home tone (or chord) is called the Tonic
Most hymns, folk tunes, and popular songs are: Homophonic