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Music 8

A song in which each syllable receives one note is called syllabic. 1) True 2) False true
All songs contain actual sung words. 1) False 2) True false
In strophic songs, the same music is repeated for each stanza of the text. 1) True 2) False true
Making the music sound like the text being sung is called _____. melismaticword-painting chorus secular word-painting
Secular music is often sung in the language of the people performing it. 1) True 2) False True
The word song refers to any piece of music. 1) False 2) True False
Which of the following best describes the setting of many notes to a syllable? Syllabic NeumaticMelismatic Melismatic
Which of the following does NOT describe words without specific meanings in songs? Nonlexical Scat-singingVocaliseRefrain Refrain
Which of the following terms describes religious or spiritual music?SacredSecular Vernacular Strophic Sacred
Which of the following terms does NOT describe the number of notes given to each syllable of text?Strophic Syllabic Neumatic Melismatic Strophic

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