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How many music dramas make up Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung? 4
In his music dramas Wagner created short arias that lent themselves to being separated from the larger work for performance at home. false
After considerable success in Dresden with Rienzi, Wagner began to choose subjects derived from Germanic epics true
Wagner employed recurring themes called idées fixes in his operas. false
Whose daughter was Cosima, Wagner’s wife? Franz List
Match the instrument(s) that Wagner used to portray each person or idea in the closing of scene 3 of Act III in Die Walküre. magic fireCorrect label:woodwinds and French hornsmagic sleepCorrect label:harpsLogeCorrect label:trombonesSiegfriedCorrect label:brass
Wagner had a theater built at Bayreuth specifically for the performance of his music dramas. true
What is the basis for the story of The Ring of the Nibelung? medieval German epic poem
Which term refers to Wagner’s concept of a total artwork, encompassing all the arts? Gesamkunstwerk
The nine daughters of Wotan, in Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung, are known as the Valkyries
In Wagner’s The Ring Cycle, the treasure of gold that lies in a particular river is guarded by the three Rhine Maidens
Which leitmotifs did Wagner use in the closing scene of Act III in Die Walküre? magic firemagic sleepSiegfried
The role of the Valkyries was to carry fallen heroes from the battlefield to Valhalla on their winged horses. true
Light German opera featuring spoken dialogue is called what? Singspiel
Wagner’s large-scale music dramas are unified by leitmotifs
In his career, Wagner abandoned the idea of separate arias, duets, ensembles, choruses, and ballets, instead developing an “endless melody” that was molded to the natural inflections of the German language. true
In the final scene of Die Walküre, Wagner introduces the leitmotif for the hero Siegfried who hasn’t even been born yet true
What did Wagner call his complete integration of theater and music? music drama
In the nineteenth century Germany was noted for its long-established opera tradition false
In Germany, the genre — gave way to more serious works, including Richard Wagner’s music dramas, which integrated music, poetry, drama, and spectacle Singspiel
Wagner’s dramas are not sectional, —-, unified by leitmotifs, or recurring themes, that represent a person, place, or idea, continuous
Wagner’s most famous opera: The Ring of the Nibelung
melodrama scenes with spoken dialogue or minimal singing, but striking orchestral accompanionment
music drama Wagner’s name for his distinctive type of opera
leitmotifs recurring themes that represent a person, place, or idea

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