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Digital Audio Work Station enables composers to record audio onto separate tracks and mix and synchronize the results into compositions
Clef is placed at the beginning of a staff to show the exact pitch of each line and space.
Range The distance between a melody’s lowest and highest tones is
Contralto is not a normal classification of male voice ranges
Vivace is a tempo marking to indicate a lively pace. (Italian term)
Twelve tones of the octave The word chromatic comes from the Greek word chroma, color, and is used in music to refer to the
Training and physical makeup On what does the range of a singer’s voice depend?
Theme A melody that serves as the starting point for a more extended piece of music is called a
One melody accompanied by chords Of what does homophonic texture consist?
Strings A symphonic band is different from an orchestra due to the absence of
tremolo Rapidly repeating tones by quick up-and-down strokes of the bow is a string technique known as
natural sign is used in musical notation to cancel a previous sharp or flat sign.
Using a vibrato makes the tone warmer and more expensive Why does a string player use vibrato?
In cycles per second How is the frequency of vibrations measured?
What is a sequence? The repetition of a melodic pattern at a higher or lower lever
Improvised When music is created at the same time as it is performed, it is said to be
Duration The four main properties of musical sounds are pitch, dynamics, tone color, and
Polyphony Contrapuntal texture is sometimes used in place of the term
Pipe organ is a keyboard instrument that uses vibrating air columns to produce sound.
Pizzicato Plucking the string with the finger instead of using a bow is called
Octave and a half While professional singers can command a pitch range of two octaves or more, an untrained voice is usually limited to about
1600-1750 The Baroque period in Western music is usually given as
Synthesizers are systems of electronic components that generate, modify, and control sound.
Variation Retaining some features of a musical idea while changing others is called
Counterpoint The technique of combining several melodic lines into a meaningful whole is called
Progression A series of chords is called a(n)
Tonic The central tone around which a musical composition is organized is called the
Staff In musical notation, pitches are written on a set of five horizontal lines called a
Harmony The musical element that refers to the way chords are constructed and how they follow each other is
Rhythm The element of music defined as the ordered flow of music through time, or more specifically, the particular arrangement of note lengths in a piece of music, is
By tightening and loosing the pegs How are the strings of a violin tuned?
88 The piano has _______ keys, spanning more than seven octaves.
Reed A thin piece of cane, used singly or in pairs by woodwind players, is called a
Pluck the string with the finger instead of using the bow Pizzicato is an indication to the performer to
Consonance A combination of tones that is considered stable and restful
Contrast Forward motion, conflict, and change of mood are produced through
Sampling A technology based on placing brief digital recordings of live sounds under the control of a synthesizer keyboard is known as
Strict Imitation A song in which several people sing the same melody but each singer starts at a different time is an example of
Piccolo Flute The highest woodwind instrument in the orchestra is the
5th The dominant chord is the triad built on the _________ step of the scale.
Pitch of a sound is decided by the frequency of its vibrations.
Clarinet Which of the following is not a double-reed instrument?
Crooks Before 1850, French horn and trumpet players would insert ___________ into their instruments to change the range of available pitches.
Music An art based on the organization of sounds in time
Subdominant chord The triad built on the fourth step of the scale is called the
What is melody? A series of single notes which add up to a recognizable whole
Higher In general, the smaller the vibrating element, the __________ its pitch.
Half Step In traditional Western music, the __________ is the smallest interval between successive tones of a scale.
Amplitude The loudness of a sound is related to the _________ of the vibration that produces the sound.
Repitition Contrast Variation 3 Techniques to create form

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