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by definition a musical sound has all of the above
a succession of single tones or pitches as a unit is called a melody
a melody can be characterized by all of the above
the resting place at the end of a phrase is called cadence
the element of music that organizes movement in time is rhythm
the basic unit of rhythm that divides time into equal segments is called the beat
Meter is marked off in groupings known as: measures
meters in which each beat is subdivided into three rather than two is known as compound meters
which of the following songs is in sextuple meter greensleeves
when a song begins on the last beat of a measure it is said to begin with upbeat
the deliberate shifting of the ascent to a weak beat or an offbeat is called syncopation
harmony is to music as ________ is to painting perspective
an interval spanning eight notes is called a triad
should a composer write a film for a horror movie, wet expect the harmony would include a lot of: dissonance
a twelve tone scale including all the semitones is called chromatic
on the piano the black key between the white keys c and d is called c sharp or d flat
tonality means that we hear a piece of music in relation to a central tone called the tonic
which of the following characterizes the minor scale lowered third degree
music based on the seven tones of a major or minor scale is called diatonic
which of the following does not make frequent use of pentatonic scales western art music
an interval smaller than the semitone or half step is called microtone
the tonic chord is represented by the symbol I
in harmony the ______ is considered a place of rest and return tonic
the process of passing from one key to another is known as modulation
a texture featuring a single unaccompanied line is called monophonic
the predominant texture in music up to about one thousand years ago was monophonic
traditional music of the far east is largely polyphonic
when two or more independent melodic lines are combined the resulting texture is called polyphonic
the texture that combines two or more simultaneous melodic lines is called heterophony
a composition with strict imitation throughout is called a Canon
what quality of a work of art refers to its structure or shape form
the basic Structural Concepts in the element of form are repetition and contrast
ternary form is represented by the pattern A B A
the restatement of a musical idea at a higher or lower pitch is called a sequence
ostinato or the repetitive use of a short melodic rhythmic or harmonic pattern is common in all of the above
the rate of speed at which a piece of music is played is its tempo
music that sounds despairing and sad usually has a ________ tempo slow
in what language are Tempo markings generally given Italian
which marking is appropriate for a slow tempo adagio
which of the following Tempo markings does not indicate a slow tempo presto
which of the following Tempo markings is the fastest presto
the term accelerando indicates that the tempo is getting faster
the term refrain refers to words that repeat in a poem
the setting of a note per syllable is called syllabic
the use of a few notes for each syllable is called pneumatic
the quality of sound that distinguishes one instrument or voice from another is Timbre
the term Timbre refers to the color
the standard ranges of the human voice from highest to lowest are soprano Alto tenor Bass
the generally accepted term for the high male vocal range is tenor
the human voice lyric Beauty and expressiveness
instruments that produce sound from a vibrating string are called chordophones
how do performers cause idiophones to produce sound scraping or striking
what is double stopping two strings at once
the device placed on the bridge of string instruments to muffle the sound is called mute
a chord whose notes are played in succession as on the harp is called a arpeggio
which of the following instruments is not a member of the bowed String family guitar
which of the following is the lowest sounding member of the double reed family bassoon
which of the following is true of all brass instruments all of the above
the percussion family comprises a variety of instruments that are made to Sound by striking or shaking
which of the following is not a percussion instrument harp
which of the following is a pitched percussion instrument xylophone
which of the following is an unpitched percussion instrument bass drum
John Philip Sousa was famous as a composer of marches
the term a cappella refers to choral music without any accompaniment
which meter would be conducted in a down right up pattern triple
titles of musical compositions may be indicated by all of the above
the style of a historical period is defined by language of artists
which of the following is the proper chronological order of music style periods Middle Ages Renaissance Barack classical romantic 20th century
which of the following does not describe life in the medieval Cloister center of trade and commerce
a setting of Gregorian chant with one note per syllable is called syllabic
a setting of Gregorian chant with two to four notes per syllable might be considered pneumatic
which of the following women was a religious leader and a prominent figure in literature and music Hildegard of bingen
on which liturgical occasion was hildegard’s Alleluia o virga sung a feast day for the Virgin Mary
polyphony required the development of music notation
in what era did composers begin to be recognized the Gothic era
the first major Center of polyphony was Notre Dame Cathedral
the outstanding composer poet of the ARs Nova was machaut
which of the following composed ma fin EST mon commencement machaut
which of the following does not characterize ma fin EST mon commencement monophonic texture
the expressive device that Renaissance composers used to picturalize musically is called word painting
which of the following was the most important secular genre of the sixteenth century the Madrigal
where was the Madrigal first developed Italy
the Vivid depiction of a text through music known as word painting is a Hallmark of the madrigal
madrigals with simpler and more accessible texts or especially favored in England
the invention of the printing press allowed books to become available
which of the following was a characteristic of medieval art abandoned in the Renaissance space organized in a succession of planes
which genre of vocal music was not used in Renaissance church services the chanson
josquins ave Maria Virgo Serena is an example of the motet
what is the musical basis of josquins ave Maria Virgo Serena a Gregorian chant in the top voice
what was the primary language of the mass Latin
after the Protestant Reformation of the early sixteenth Century the Roman Catholic Church responded with a movement to recapture the Loyalty of its people known as The Counter Reformation
in the churches of Luther and Calvin the musical emphasis was on the inclusion of instruments
which composer responded to the reforms of the Council of Trent in an exemplary fashion giovanni pieruigi
which of the following best describes the texture of the Pope Marcellus Mass 6 voice polyphony
early instruments used for outdoor performances such as the Shawm and the sackbut were categorized loud
which of the following would be considered an appropriate outdoor instrument the Shawm
which of the following was a lively Circle or line dance often performed Outdoors rondae
which of the following does not characterize the dances that susato published irregular phrase lengths

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