Music Flashcards


Melody Several pitches that are sounded one after another to make a tune, or a pattern of pitches that move up or down
Rhythm A combination of long and short sounds and silence played over a beat.
Tone Color The special sound of each instrument or voice.
harmony Two or more pitches sung or played at the same time.
Tempo The speed of Music
Form The way music is put together, the order of sections in music.
dynamics the degrees of softness or loudness of sound.
Notation A system of writing down music on a staff so that specific pitches and rhythms can be communicated.
Texture The sound created by different layers of sound layers of different tone colors.
Four families of Orchestra Wood wind, Percussion, String and Brass.
texture Texture refers to the way multiple voices or instruments interact in a compositon. There are four types of texture Mono, poly,homo and heterponic
monophonic consisting of a single melodic line ex Happy Birthday and Star spangled banner.
polyphonic many sounds music from the renaissance/ baroque. Religious choral music.
homophonic texture most ofter heard. single dominating melody ex, rock, folk, country, jazz.

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