a drama that is sung opera
the vocal stlyle in opera that imitates the natural inflections of speech is called recitative
a highly emotional song in opera is called aria
the orchestral introduction heard at the beginnging of an opera is called overture
the text of an opera is called libretto
who is the best viewed as the first master of opera Monteverdi
the earliest operas took their plots from greek mythology
a type of english entertainment combining music an poetry and dance masque
the greatest native born english composer of the baroque Henry Purcell
Purcells opera dido and arenas was composed for a production at a girls school
The sacred catana was an integral part of the Lutherian church service
Bach was most famous in his day as a performer of organ
which of the following does not characterize an ortario elaborate scenery
the stories for oratorios are generally drawn from bible
George Frideric handel was condiderd a master of oratorio
_ was born in germany and studied in italy, but spent much of his creative life in england Handel
When handel arrived in london, he established his fame by composing operas
Late in life, handel turned his efforts from the opera to the oratorio
Which of the following is handels most famous oratorio, frenguetly performed today Messiah
Handels messiah is an oartorio
the first era of western music history in which instrumental music was as imprortant as vocal music was baroque
major difference between th baroque and modern violins the general shape
which wind instrument was not made of wood? trumpet
Water music by handel is best described as a suite
who was the court composer to louis that was central to the development of french opera jean baptise lully
who was the greatest and most prolific italian composer of concerto vivaldi
Vivaldi was known as the red priest for color of his hair
Vivaldi lived and worked in venice
which of the following is well known set of concertos by vivaldi the four seasons
who composed the brandenburg concertos bach
the most widely cultivated form of chamber muisc in the baroque was sonata
the _ is a keyboard form based on the principle of voices imitating each other mmmm