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Music 113 Final

All the following musicians worked on Miles Davis’s Bitches Brew EXCEPT: Jeff Beck
The members of the Eagles had been in a backup band for which singer? Linda Ronstadt
Which song by Neil Young prompted a response by Lynyrd Skynyrd in “Sweet Home Alabama?” Southern Man”
Both Blood, Sweat & Tears and Chicago were musically known for: incorporating jazz-rock horn sections
Charlie Daniels’s music is sometimes thought of as more country than rock. true
Which of the following best describes the opening of the first track on Black Sabbath’s first album? the tolling of distant church bells
All of the following are albums by Pink Floyd EXCEP the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
The original lead singer of Genesis was: Peter Gabriel
All of the following are concept albums by the Who EXCEPT: In the Court of the Crimson King
Where did Duane Allman begin his musical career? working as a studio musician at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Ozzy Osbourne sang lead vocals for which British band? Black Sabbath
The subject matter for Tommy deals with the story of a young Mod who is seeking meaning in his life. False
The concept album Aqualung centers on: the partial condemnation of society’s treatment of the poor
Lynyrd Skynyrd signed with which record label? Sounds of the South
The term southern rock came from musicians in the south to identify their style of music False
Jazz rock was the source of enormous controversy within the jazz community. True
All of the following are musical elements of “Take It Easy” EXCEPT: long, improvised electric guitar solos similar to blues rock
Aerosmith was often compared to which British band? the Rolling Stones
Which Los Angeles-based blues-rock band was produced by Brian Wilson early in its career? Three Dog Night
Alice Cooper was known for: live shows that drew on gruesome and ghoulish topics
Santana’s music is often referred to as: Latin Rock
Which singer provided the backup vocals to Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain?” Mick Jagger
How did the Moody Blues incorporate classical music into Days of Future Past? It composed a song suite and incorporated orchestral interludes between songs.
The members of the country rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival were from the bayou areas of Louisiana. False
All of the following musical elements are found in Led Zeppelin songs EXCEPT: vocal harmonies
the first heavy metal single by Blue Cheer. summer time blues
first heavy metal band Led Zeplin
2001 space odyssey written to match last sequence? coincidence? NO
music exported and imported. what genre is not imported get country back. get jazz back. not disco
disco carried by what community? gay community
From 1966 to 1969, artists sought to change the focus of rock music from the album to the single. True
“Highway Star” is often cited as one of the songs that most influenced the development of heavy metal in the 1970s and early 1980s. True
The basic idea behind the hippie aesthetic was that a rock musician had the responsibility to produce sophisticated music by using whatever means at his or her disposal. True
The Devil Went Down to Georgia” was a trademark song for which southern rock band? the Charlie Daniels Band
Highway Star” is a blues-rock song by: deep purple
The term southern rock came from musicians in the south to identify their style of music. True
How did Elton John change the model of the singer-songwriter by the latter half of the 1970s? He employed a rock band to accompany him.
Who of the following was the lead vocalist for the group Yes? Jon Anderson
All of the following aspects about disco are true EXCEPT: it was thought to be an extension of the hippie aesthetic of the psychedelic era
Who of the following was responsible for forming Earth, Wind, and Fire? Maurice White
Which of the following musicians worked with James Brown and George Clinton? Maceo Parker
Marvin Gaye worked as a songwriter and producer for the Originals. true
Which Bay Area band was commercially successful at fusing elements of funk with psychedelia? Sly and the Family Stone
Off the Wall was a collaboration between: Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones
Rock groups such as KISS and the Rolling Stones completely avoided disco as an influence on their own music. False
After his twenty-first birthday, which artist was given complete artistic control over his records at Motown? Stevie Wonder
Curtis Mayfield was originally a member of the Chicago-based vocal group the Impressions. true
George Clinton began his career with which band? Parliament
Which of the following was NOT a song recorded by the Commodores? “Just My Imagination”
One band that was influenced by Sly and the Family Stone was Kool and the Gang. True
In addition to lyrical vocals and driving rhythms, which musical element was a feature of the “Philadelphia sound”? lush string arrangements
How did disco bring back the authority of the producer? The focus was not on the artist singing but on the song and its beat.
Reggae developed out of which style of Jamaican music? rock steady
Lionel Richie was a singer and songwriter for: the Commodores
Which artist or group was featured on the sound track for Saturday Night Fever? the Bee Gees
Which song firmly established the rhythmic sound of the wah-wah guitar in 1970s black pop? the theme from Shaft
What is the focus of Marvin Gaye’s album What’s Going On? confronting social problems of black urban life
Prior to the 1970s, the music of Jamaica played no part in the popular culture of the UK. False
Which group showed how Motown reacted to the crossover success of Sly and the Family Stone? the Jackson 5
Which musician helped popularize reggae outside of Jamaica with a cover of “I Shot the Sheriff”? Eric Clapton
Funky Worm” was a novelty song by: the Ohio Players
Which of the following groups is an example of Eurodisco? the Village People
Issac Hayes was responsible for writing the music for the film Superfly. False
“Blaxploitation” was a genre of music that rose to prominence at the beginning of the 1970s. False
Which group had a horn section whose members were often guest performers on other artists’ recordings? Tower of Power
Kool and the GangCorrect j. a band that started out as the JazziacsNorman WhitfieldCorrect h. producer from Motown”Papa Was a Rolling Stone”Correct c. song by the TemptationsMother Father Sister BrotherCorrect a. the house band for Gamble and HuffSoul Brother Number 1Correct i. nickname for James BrownDr. FunkensteinCorrect e. character created by George ClintonBootsy CollinsCorrect d. bass player with James Brown and George ClintonAverage White BandCorrect g. funk band played on rock radio stationsIsland RecordsCorrect b. established by Chris Blackwell in the UKthe CommodoresCorrect f. a group from Tuskegee, Alabama Matching
The group assembled to be a kind of “gay Monkees” disco act was the Village People. True
All of the following are possible reasons for the disco backlash EXCEPT: mainstream acceptance of a new style of dance music
All of the following are examples of “blaxploitation” films EXCEPT: The Harder They Come
What musical element establishes the groove in “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)”? repeating bass guitar riff
Which former Beatle formed Wings? Paul McCartney
Why is advertising on radio necessary to keep a radio station in business? Advertising generates revenue because listeners tune in for free.
Musicians and record companies determined that the ideal length for a song on FM radio was short—around two to three minutes. False
Which of the following bands did Bob Dylan return to live touring with in 1974? the Band
“More Than a Feeling” is representative of which band’s musical style? Boston
Stevie Nicks was a singer for which successful 1970’s rock band? Fleetwood mac
Andy Warhol produced an album for which band? the Velvet Underground
Punk and new wave were both in opposition to mainstream rock by rejecting highly produced and sophisticated sounds of hippie bands. True
Critics of 1970’s rock felt that record companies killed the spirit of rock music when they became obsessed with the big album. True
Which event was viewed as a demonstration of the Sex Pistols’ conning of the music business industry? The band collected monetary advances from three record labels prior to releasing an album.
Which band had a successful cover of the Kinks’ “You Really Got Me”? Van Halen
For which of the following groups was Lindsay Buckingham a guitarist and vocalist? Fleetwood Mac
The rise of punk in the UK can be linked to specific socioeconomic circumstances. True
Freddie Mercury was the lead singer for which band? Queen
A “Platinum” album is one that sells 500,000 copies. False
David Byrne led which new-wave band? talking heads
Other than the Sex Pistols and The Clash, most of the British punk bands that dominated the charts in England never made an impact in the United States. True
Punk first rose to mainstream attention in the United States in the late 1970s. false
Which British new-wave musician(s) blended a strong reggae influence into their music? police
The Eagles abandoned country rock for which of the following styles? harder rocking/mainstream
David Lee Roth was the lead singer for which of the following groups? Van Halen
What was the primary reason American record labels developed new-wave music? to diminish the aggressive and dangerous images of punk
“corporate rock”Correct i. label applied to music released by ’70s mainstream record companiesSteve PerryCorrect d. lead singer from JourneyEddie Van HalenCorrect a. virtuoso guitaristBrian MayCorrect j. guitarist for Queen”Born to Run”Correct h. Bruce Springsteen songJohn CaleCorrect c. avant-garde musician in The Velvet UndergroundMax’s Kansas CityCorrect b. bar in New York that booked many punk bandsnew waveCorrect f. a relabeled term for punkB-52sCorrect e. group with vocals by Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson that played with girl group stereotypes”Anarchy in the UK”Correct g. song by the Sex Pistols matching
How are Foreigner’s early albums influenced by progressive rock? There is a prominent use of keyboards.
The Silver Bullet Band was fronted by Bob Seger. True
What is the focus of Marvin Gaye’s album What’s Going On? confronting social problems of black urban life

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