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Learning about music 2

The various families of instruments are grouped together according to How their sound is produced
The feeling of movement, the small scale organization of time is Rhythm
Music composed to create a picture in sound is programmatic music
a division of melody equal to one breath of singing is called a phrase
a succession of pitches from which melodies are drawn is a scale
vocal music without instrumental accompaniment is called a Capella
in music, the general term relating to the various levels of volume is Dynamics
the leader of a large ensemble is the conductor
Most of america’s popular and classical music is based on the traditions of western Europe
two or more pitches sounding at the same time is called harmony
the source of inspiration for Rush’s “YYZ” was a Rhythm
Heterophony is a type of texture
the sonority of Heap’s ” Just For Now” consists of Voice and Clapping
A rhythmic stress on an unstressed beat is called syncopation
what instrument does Professor Aldridge play trumpet
The lack of ability to perceive one or more of the basic elements of music is called amusia
The origins of psalm singing in America go back as far as the early 1600’s
The term for the distance between pitches is interval
What instrument does Derek Paravicini play piano
Which is not one of Prof. Aldridge’s basic types of music programmatic music
a single line of notes ( the tune ) is called melody
A texture containing two or more melodies of roughly equal importance is polyphony
Over time the __________ of orchestral music has become more complex form, harmony, instrumentation, texture
An American style of music that developed from the merging of the songs and dances of Anglo – Americans with those if Creoles is called Jazz
The speed or pace of a piece of music is its tempo
A short, recurring bit of melody, used as an element of form is Motive
Which of the following best describes the relationship between blues and spirituals the blues is the secular counterpart to the spirituals
Which is not a melodic contour tonic
Which of these terms is a register of the human voice alto
The sound quality of a particular instrument or voice is its timbre
The organization of a piece of music is its form
Moussorgky’s “Great Gate of Kiev” was inspired by a painting
a portion of the melodic range of a voice or an instrument is a register
Describe strophic setting when each stanza of a poem is set to the same music, regardless of the meaning and mood of the text
The rate of speed of sound waves is perceived as pitch
The term for an elastic, flexible temp is rubato
a musical idea on which a composition is based is called a theme
the pattern of stressed beats in music is called meter
“pageant” by Oregon and “Dawn” by Roop Verma both feature improvisation
Benjamin Britten was presented in class as a composer
Debussy’s “Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun” is an example of orchestral and programmatic music
All sounds have Pitch, duration, loudness, and tone quality
A texture with one important melody and accompaniment is homophonic
Ravel brings variety to his “Bolero” by constantly changing the instrumentation
What are examples of instruments in the woodwind family Bassoon, English horn, alto saxophone, and flute
what are some functions of music cultural enrichment, therapy, and entertainment
What term is most closely related to “lining out” Call and response
Music created to be enjoyed for its expressiveness or virtuosity is art music
Music that serves a specific purpose, such as communicating or dancing is called functional music
Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus” features a monophonic, homophonic, and polyphonic texture
A contour in which the intervals of a melody are close together is conjunct
American religious music is derived from British tradition, European tradition, and African culture
All non-spoken sounds during a film is called the soundtrack
Gyorgi Ligeti’s “Lux Aeternna” uses _______ to create some of its dramatic impact dissonance
Unpitched family of instruments Percussion
In “Moondrunk” from “Pierrot Lunaire,” Arnold Schoenberg uses ____ to provide a sense of form. ostinato
a dissagreeable effect produced by certain intervals is called dissonance
The bassoon is a member of the ___ family woodwind
Chicago blues differed from country blues because it was amplified
Copland treats the Shaker hymn tune ” Simple Gift” in a ____ from his “Appalachian Spring” theme and variation
The most popular jazz style is swing
What are two terms that refer to melodic contour conjunct and disjunct
What should one look for while listening to jazz Innovation, expressiveness, and interaction
Popular music evolved under the influence of technology and the profit motive
what is Prof. Aldridge two word definition of music organized sound
Two or more pitches sounding at the same time is called harmony
Parchelbel’s “Canon in D” is an example if polyphony
Which film did not have an underscore Gold Rush
Three or more notes played at the same time create a chord
A sequence of of harmonies, such as the 12 bar blues is a chord progression
The musical term for a gradual increase in volume is crescendo
Many notes sung on one syllable of text is called mellisma
Music composed to tell a story is called programmatic music
Classical blues gained widespread popularity due to Vaudeville shows and record sales
In popular songs, a section where both lyrics and melody repeat is called a chorus
In the performance by the jazz duo, Prof. Mollin played the bass and sung
A succession of pitches “in tune” is the Melody
The _____ of a musical note relates directly to its pitch frequency
A change in key within a composition is called a modulation
the tonal center, or tonality, of a piece of music is called the key
Beethoven’s “symphony # 6” is an example of program music
a scale of key associated with a down cast or sad mood is called minor
Music consisting of a single melodic line is called monophony

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