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gant music 200 quiz 11

which of the following is not an alternative to the traditional organization of pitch used by 20th century composers? tonic-dominant harmonies
the most famous riot in music history occurred in Paris in 1913 at the performance of Igor Stravinsky’s the rite of spring
Composers in the twentieth century drew inspiration from all answers
The technique of using two or more tonal centers at the same time is called ______. polytonality
All of the following composers worked in the early years of the twentieth century except ______. hector Berlioz
The absence of key or tonality in a musical composition is known as ______. atonality
in modern music all answers
A chord made of tones only a half step or a whole step apart is known as ______. a tone cluster
The combination of two traditional chords sounding together is known as ______. a polychord
A piano is often used in twentieth-century orchestral music to ______. a percussive edge
A great twentieth-century composer who was also a leading scholar of the folk music of his native land was ______. bela botark
In music, the early twentieth century was a time of ______. revolt and change
The glissando, a technique widely used in the twentieth century, is ______. a rapid slide up or down scale
A fourth chord is ______. a chord in which the tones are a fourth apart, instead of a third
The use of two or more contrasting and independent rhythms at the same time is known as ______. polyrhythm
To create fresh sounds, twentieth-century composers used ______. all answers
To what does ostinato refer? a motive or phrase that is repeated persistently at the same pitch throughout a section.
Which of the following statements is not true? composers in the early 20th century drew inspiration only form serious art music and their own intellect, ignoring popular and folk music
In twentieth-century music ______. all answers
The first significant atonal pieces were composed around 1908 by ______. Arnold schoenburg

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