Music Flashcards

Exam 2

large companies and major labels In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, the British music industry was dominated by
the Quarrymen The original name of the beatles was
the cavern club the beatles were regular performers at which Liverpool venue
Cliff Richard Who among the following was never a member of the beatles?John LegendCliff RichardGeorge HarrisonRingo Starr
“house of the rising sun” Which american folk blues song became significant as the closing number by the animals
blues inspired cover songs the early songs of the rolling stones career were primarily
(I cant get no) Satisfaction which song solidified the Rolling Stones image as rock music’s “bad boys”?
non musical isues such as band names and its members accents from the perspectives of American youth, the british invasion was centered on
social injustices early songs by Bob Dylan focused on?
his anger over criticism from the folk community The Bob Dylan song “positively 4th street” focused on
wore leather jackets All of the following are true regarding Mod Culture EXCEPT:-attended selected clubs in london-wore leather jackets-listened primarily to american rhythym and blues-were known for driving vespa motor scooters
sophisticated four-part vocal harmony arrangements Musically, the group of Mamas and Papas is known for
overarching influences from gospel and blues All of the following are characterisitics of Motown’s assimilation into white culture EXCEPT:-pop oriented musical styles- overarching influences from gospel and blues- charm school training- meticulously choreographed movements
being subversive to the establishment due to their hippie image despite being considered family entertainment, Sonny and Cher were also noted for?
the Four Seasons Which of the following bands was LEAST affected by the British invasion?- the raiders- the mcCoys- the four seasons- the rascals
singing with major, california based labels all of the following are elements of 1960’s garage bands EXCEPT
“louie louie” which song is regarded as the first important garage band hit on a national level?
where the action is Paul revere and the raiders recieved exposure from what tv show?
written by professional songwriters and backed on recordings by studio musicians the early songs by the Monkees were?
detroit motown records was located in which city?
Brian and Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier the period 1964-1967 was dominated by which writing and production team?
Diana Ross Which member of the supremes left the group in 1969 to focus on a solo career?
Smiley Smile which beach boys album was released in place of SMiLE?
Booker T & the MG’s many Stax recordings depended on their studio band called
“in the midnight hour” Which stax song first used the rhythmic concept of the “delayed backbeat”?
Black Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne was the lead singer in which British band?
tightly harmonized backup voals All of the following are characteristics of the “stax sound” EXCEPT:- instrumental introductions including horns-the delayed back beat- tightly harmonized backup vocals- loose and almost spontaneous vocalizing
Columbia Aretha Franklin’s first record contract was with which label?
more pop-oriented in comparison to atlantic/stax, the musical style of Motown is often viewed as:
Atlantic actually owing the master tapes for Stax recordings under contract The business partnership between Atlantic records and Stax dissolved in part due to:
doo-wop style background vocals All of the followng are musical features of James Brown’s “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag, Pt 1” EXCEPT
Timothy Leary ” Tune on, tune in, and drop out” was the slogan of which proponent of LSD?
songs became longer and musical sounds more ambitious what was an important feautre of music in its role as a drug trip and in achieving a higher state of conciousness?
Capitol Both the beatles and the beach boys were on which US record label?
employing avant-garde, aleatoric techniques from classical music A feature that is NOT found in “good vibrations”
The grateful dead was signed to a major record label All of the following were signs of the underground psychedelic movement in San Fran EXCEPT:- a free form FM radio aired on KMPX- a San Francisco Oracle newspaper was established- The grateful dead was signed to a major record label – the opening of the Psychedelic shop in Haight- Ashbury
live shows that drew on gruesome and ghoulish topics Alice Cooper was known for
Syd Barrett which member of pink floyd was replaced by David Gilmour?
Steve Winwood All of the following were in the group cream EXCEPT: – jack bruce- ginger baker- steve winwood- eric clapton
it doubles the 12 bar blues pattern to 24 measures How does cream adapt the blues form in “Sunshine of Your Love”?
Jim Morrison the lead singer of the Doors was:
college age listeners main target audience for psychedelic music was?
The Supremes originally called the Primettes

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