For what purpose did Lili Boulanger write Psalm 24? Not for traditional worship services
The libretto for Lili Boulanger’s La Princesse Maleine is by which well-known writer? The correct answer is: Maeterlinck
Which instrument did Lili Boulanger NOT learn to play as a child? Marimba
Which of the following does NOT describe Lili Boulanger’s Psalm 24? Clearly in a major key
With which of her works did Lili Boulanger win the Prix de Rome? Faust et Hélène
Lili Boulanger rejected innovative harmonic language in her work. F
Lili Boulanger was influenced by Impressionism. T
Lili Boulanger was the first woman to win the Prix de Rome. T
Lili was the only composer/musician in her family. F
Winners of the Prix de Rome are given the opportunity to study in Rome. T