Why is music important to film? a. it can reveal the emotions of the charactersb. it can suggest a time and placec.It can tell the audience where or when the story takes placed. all of the above D. all of the above
Which nineteenth-century composer was the inspiration for unity in film music through the use of leitmotifs?A. beethoven b.BrahmsC, WagnerD.Tchaikovsky C. Wagner
Which of the following characterizes the career of John Williams?A. he was a composer for the TV series Gilligan’s IslandB. He was the composer for films such as Jaws and Star WarsC.He is a composer and conductor of concert music D. all of the above D. all the above
John Williams was the music director and principal conductor of the:A. Los Angeles PhilharmonicB.New York PhilharmonicC. Boston PopsD. Vienna Philharmonic C. Boston pops
Which of the following film scores was NOT composed by John Williams?A. Schindler’s listB. TitanicC. Super manD. Harry potter and the Sorcerer’s stone B. Titanic
The most important function of music in film is to establish a mood True
Most Hollywood films use music to establish an overall mood, not to reflect the emotional content of a given scene False
Music can help create a sense of place and time in films True
The use of Leitmotifs in the Star Wars films mirrors that in Wagners Ring cycle True