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Chapter 29. Musical Conversations: Haydn and Classical Chamber Music

Chamber music generally implies a large ensemble, with more than one player to a part. False
The focus of Classical chamber music is soloistic virtuosity.Click or tap “True” or “False” to answer the question. false
The favored chamber ensemble in the Classical era was the string quartet. true
Which composer worked well under the patronage system? Hayden
How many string quartets did Haydn write? 68
To whom did Haydn dedicate his Op. 33 string quartets? Grand Duke
What is the form of the first movement of a typical Classical string quartet? sonata-allegro
The expansion of a melodic idea is known as -. thematic development
Which of the following instruments are found in a typical string quartet? -violaviolincello
Which movement of a string quartet is often in minuet-and-trio form? third
Instrumental music that does not have any specific meaning beyond the notes is called – music. absolute
Varying a theme’s melodic outline, rhythm, or harmony is known as -. A – is a theme’s smallest melodic or rhythmic unit. -thematic development-motive
Match the description to the correct term. sequence – repetition of a musical idea or fragment at a higher or lower leveltheme – primary musical idea that is the building block of a compositionmotive – smallest melodic
Match the character and tempo description to its corresponding movement in the multimovement cycle. first – fast, long and dramaticsecond – slow and lyricalthird – moderate to fast and dancelikefourth – fast and lively
The distinguishing characteristic of – form is the recurrence of a musical idea called a refrain that alternates with contrasting -. rondoepisodes

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