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Chapter 11. Musical Ensembles

The conductor’s role includes interpreting the music for the group. true
In an orchestra, brass instruments are placed near the back of the group because they are loud. true
The string section makes up less than half of a symphony orchestra. false
Which of the following ensembles relies mainly on winds and percussion? wind band
In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, choral music was often performed a capella. What does this mean? It was performed without instrumental accompaniment.
Chamber music is music for a small group of performers. TRUE
Vocal music with instrumental accompaniment is called a cappella. false
Which of the following are considered chamber ensembles and which are not? piano quintetbrass quintetduo sonata
Which non-woodwind instrument plays in a woodwind quintet? french horn
Which of the following types of music are usually performed by a band and which are not?Correct Answer(s) marchesjazzrock
Let’s compare two commonly heard ensembles—the symphony orchestra and the concert band—to see if you can hear the differences in sonority. Listen to the two examples. Which of the works is performed by a symphony orchestra? Wagner: Ride of the Valkyries
Which instruments are included in a string quartet? two violins, a viola, and a cell
Which of the following terms best describes the ensemble heard in this example? symphony orchestra
Click the instrument groups that are considered to be part of the string section within the context of a symphony orchestra. violinscelloviola bass
Put the following choral voice ranges in order from highest to lowest. soprano alto tenor bass
n The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, the composer – introduces the different instrument families of the modern -. starts with b and then orchestra
Which instruments are heard in this example played by a jazz band and which are not? brasspercussion
Which of the following is an abbreviation for the customary voice ranges found in a choir or chorus? SATB
Choral music can be for – or secular occasions. sacred
Match each musical example with its corresponding ensemble. string quartet – Emperor orchestra – surprise

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