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CH 47 music quiz

After Pinkerton returns, Butterfly learns that pinkerton has a new american wife, takes her own life, and learns that pinkerton will take their son back to america
After Puccini’s death in 1924, opera gradually became displaced in the popular imagination by other musical-theatrical traditions. true
Both Puccini and Mahler had a strong fascination with which culture? eastern
Butterfly sings the famous aria, “Un bel dì” (“One beautiful day”) as she dreams of Pinkerton’s return
How does Puccini’s score for Madame Butterfly evoke exoticism? the use of pentatonic and whole tone passages, instrument combinations evoking the timbers of a gagaku orchestra, the use of traditional japanese melodies
In Madame Butterfly, you can hear the orchestra evoking the timbres of which Japanese ensemble? gagaku
Late Romantic ideals carried into the twentieth century through Italian operatic tradition. true
Madame Butterfly is sung in what language? italian
Many Romantic composers looked to faraway lands or cultures for their opera plots. true
At the turn of the twentieth century, a movement called _____ reflected an expansion and intensification of late-Romantic trends. post romanticism
What specific musical technique did Puccini borrow from Wagner in his Madame Butterfly? leitmotifs
Puccini found his inspiration for Madame Butterfly after attending a performance of David Belasco’s play
Puccini’s brief reference to The Star-Spangled Banner during the opening of Act I of Madame Butterfly is an example of his nationalism. false
Puccini’s opera Madame Butterfly focuses on the heroine, a former geisha. true
The opera Madame Butterfly is set in japan
The verismo movement focused on the imaginative and fantastic. false
The nineteenth-century trend toward realism in opera was known as verismo
What were the themes of verismo operas? subjects from everyday life
Which American patriotic song is referenced by Puccini in Madame Butterfly? The Star-Spangled Banner
Which composer helped carry late-Romantic ideas into the twentieth century? strauss, puccini, Mahler
Which does NOT contribute to the exoticism in Puccini’s Madame Butterfly? puccini is japanese
Which does not describe the character Cio-Cio-San? She is Butterfly’s maid
Which opera composer is associated with the verismo movement? Giacomo Puccini
Why is there a musical reference to The Star-Spangled Banner in Madame Butterfly? The title character marries an American naval officer
Women that were highly trained in the arts of classical music, poetry, and dancing, and were easily recognizable by their lacquered black hair, distinctive makeup, and ornate silk kimono are called geishas

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