Wagner pushed major-minor tonality to extreme limits with his style of chromatic harmony. True
Wagner strived for a continuous flow of melody unlike the divisions of aria and recitative in Italian opera. True
In the orchestral prelude to Act III of Wagner’s Die Walküre, the Ride theme is primarily played by: brass
Wagner chose to base his stories on: idealized folk legends.
Of the following, which woman was a successful composer as well as a successful opera singer? Louise Bertin
Operas with exotic plots: look to far-away lands for inspiration.
La Scala, the famous opera house where Verdi’s operas were performed, is in: Milan
Opera provided composers with a good outlet for their interest in far-off lands. True
Wagner’s cycle of four music dramas is called: The Ring of the Nibelung.
The opera Carmen is set in Cuba. False
Who was the source of Verdi’s inspiration for Rigoletto? Victor Hugo
Of the following, which does NOT characterize Verdi’s “La donna è mobile” from Rigoletto? It has contrapuntal orchestral accompaniment.
Richard Wagner composed the first Singspiel. False
Because of his dominating personality, Wagner frequently changed librettists while composing his music dramas. False
Wagner’s first operatic success was a grand opera entitled: Rienzi
Which characteristic of traditional opera did Wagner eliminate? separate arias
The aria “La donna è mobile” from Verdi’s Rigoletto, is set in a simple, strophic form with a refrain. True
What nineteenth-century opera singer was known as the Swedish Nightingale? Jenny Lind
The librettist for Verdi’s Rigoletto was: Piave
One of the leitmotifs from Wagner’s Die Walküre is the magic fire music. True
Women achieved prominence in the Romantic era as opera singers. True
A special theater was built at ____________ for the presentation of Wagner’s music dramas. Bayreuth
Which Verdi opera was commissioned for performance in Cairo to mark the opening of the Suez Canal? Aida
The nineteenth century saw the quick development of an international opera style that replaced the national schools of the eighteenth century. False
Wagner’s operas employ the supernatural as an element of drama and glorify the German land and people. True
The concept of a total artwork in which all the arts—music, poetry, drama, visual spectacle—are fused together is called: Gesamtkunstwerk
Wagner’s recurring themes that represent specific characters, emotions, or ideas are called leitmotifs. True
Verdi’s opera Nabucco was hugely popular in Italy because it: was interpreted as a symbol of Italian independence.
The term bel canto refers to: a style of singing that features agility and purity of tone.
Verdi’s operas stirred a revolutionary spirit within the Italian people. True
Of the following, which does NOT characterize Singspiel? It featured elaborate recitatives and arias.
Opera singers Maria Malibran and Pauline Viardot were both daughters of the famous singer and teacher Manuel García. True
Which of the following operas is NOT an example of exoticism? Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro
Which of the following does NOT characterize the music for Act III, Scene 1 of Die Walküre? The orchestra plays a subordinate role.
The focal point of Wagnerian music drama is the voice. False
What composer created the music drama? Wagner
National styles of opera developed in: all of the above
Which composer has been considered to be the single most important phenomenon in the artistic life of the latter half of the nineteenth century? Wagner
Who are the Valkyries in Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung? the nine daughters of Wotan
What composer’s musical language was based on chromatic harmony? True
What composer’s musical language was based on chromatic harmony? Wagner
Who dies at the end of Rigoletto? Gilda, Rigoletto’s daughter
Which of the following was a widely loved nationalist opera composer? Verdi
The ensemble that follows “La donna è mobile” in Act III of Rigoletto is a: quartet
After Italian independence, Verdi was ignored by the Italian public. False
Wagner did not wish to change the prevailing form of opera in the nineteenth century. False
In addition to composing music, Wagner was an important: writer
In Act III, Scene 1 of Die Walküre, what are the Valkyries carrying on their horses? fallen heroes
Wagner eventually married Cosima, the daughter of his good friend Franz Liszt. True
Louise Bertin wrote an opera based on Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. True
In Rigoletto, Verdi turns away from tuneful melodies to heighten the dramatic action. False
Which of the following was NOT a prominent female opera singer in the nineteenth century? Clara Schumann
Who composed The Barber of Seville and the overture to William Tell? Rossini
Italian comic opera is called: opera buffa.
Which of the following countries was NOT a leading opera center in the nineteenth century? England
Why did Wotan deprive Brünnhilde of her immortality and leave her sleeping inside a ring of fire? because she, overcome with compassion, attempted to save Siegmund’s life in battle
What was Verdi’s last opera, completed at age eighty? Falstaff
The librettist for Wagner’s music dramas was: the composer himself.
Of the following, which opera is NOT by Verdi? Carmen
In the Ring cycle, who is the father of the gods? Wotan
Wagner called his operas: music dramas.
The principal themes in Wagner’s operas, which recur throughout a work and carry specific meanings, are called: leitmotifs
The emotional quality of Wagner’s music is heightened by the use of: chromatic dissonance.