Renaissance instruments that were appropriate for indoor performances were categorized as _____.Select one:a. basb. hautc. woodwindsd. strings bas
The Susato dances are examples of which kind of instrumental dance?Select one:a. Galliardb. Pavanec. Ronde d. Gigue ronde
Tielman Susato was well known for his work as a _____.Select one:a. composerb. music publisher c. instrumentalist music publisher
Which instrument heard in Susato’s Three Dances is a cross between a woodwind instrument with fingerholes and a brass instrument with a mouthpiece?Select one:a. Shawm b. Cornettoc. Tabord. Rebec shawm
Which of the following dance forms is found in sixteenth-century publications?Select one:a. Merengueb. Saltarello c. Quickstep Saltarello
Instrumental music in the Renaissance was performed strictly with no embellishment of the notated music.Select one:TrueFalse false
Musical instruments in the Renaissance were categorized by the amount of sound they produced.Select one:TrueFalse true
Prior to the medieval era, instrumental music was largely an oral tradition.Select one:TrueFalse true
Specific instruments to be used were often identified in the musical scores for Renaissance dance music.Select one:TrueFalse false
The members of the esteemed Antwerp city band were expert improvisers.Select one:TrueFalse true