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The text of the Kyrie is based on a _______ prayer. Greek
Hildegard of Bingen was born into a _____ noble family. German
Hildegard’s Alleluia, O virgo mediatrix is a Gregorian chant. (T/F) FALSE
Hildegard’s chant Alleluia, O virga mediatrix was intended for performance on a feast day of the Virgin Mary. (T/F)TRUE
How many Gregorian chants survive? over three thousand
In plainchant from the Middle Ages, if there are many notes per syllable, the style is called melismatic.
In regards to Hildegard of Bingen, which statement is NOT true? She was the first to notate plainchant. She founded a monastery. She was given to the church as a tithe. She was renowned as a poet and prophet. She was the first to notate plainchant
In the Middle Ages, it was assumed that women were worthy of connection with the divine (T/F) False
Starting in the Middle Ages, monasteries fostered the development of worship music (T/F)TRUE
Modal melodies of the early Christian church are similar to melodies and scales from the Middle East.
Music performed with exchanges between a soloist and chorus is called responsorial.
The musical attributes of plainchant include all of the following except it is sung a cappella. it is in a monophonic texture. it is a free-flowing vocal line. it is in a major key. it is in a major key.
Pope Gregory the Great composed all of the Gregorian chant melodies. (T/F)False
What is the Mass? Both a reenactment of Christ’s Last Supper with his disciples and the primary (and most solemn) ritual of the Roman Catholic Church.
The Mass Ordinary contains the texts that remain the same in every Mass
The Mass Proper contains prayer texts that vary from day to day throughout the church year.
The set order of services and structure of each church service is known as liturgy.
The text setting in Alleluia, O virga mediatrix is mostly syllabic. (T/F)False
Those who sang Gregorian plainchant during the Middle Ages believed it had been composed by the divine and not the human mind. (T/F)True
What are the daily Offices? A series of services celebrated in religious communities at various hours of the day.
What does antiphonal mean? a performance style that alternates between two groups
What might explain why medieval chants can sound unfamiliar to a modern listener? they are modal
What musical aspect is found in Hildegard’s praise songs, but is not found in most Gregorian chant? wide leaps
Which of the following is NOT true of Gregorian chant (plainchant) melodies? There are over 3,000 in existence. The composers of most of them are unknown. They are in Latin. They are in Hebrew and Syrian. They are in Hebrew and Syrian.
_______, little ascending and descending signs written above the words that suggested the shape of the melodic line, helped singers remember the general shapes of the different melodies. Neumes
A fixed pattern of long and short notes that is repeated or varied is known as a rhythmic mode
Composers from ________ were at the forefront of musical composition. the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris
Composers of organum based their pieces on preexisting Gregorian chants.
Which term describes the texture of two or more melodies performed at the same time? polyphony
The text setting of Gaude Maria virgo is highly melismatic.
Gaude Maria virgo is performed a cappella
Gaude Maria virgo is sung in Latin.
Musical notation of polyphony allowed for more detail and control over the musical texture. (T/F)True
Organum grew out of the improvisatory custom of adding a second voice to a Gregorian melody
Pérotin’s organum increased the number of voices to three and then to four.
Polyphony was universally accepted in medieval religious communities. (T/F) False
Polyphony was utilized to enhance worship on the most significant feast days in the church year. (T/F)TRUE
Singing polyphony required specialized singers. (T/F)TRUE
The compilation of early polyphony is the Great Book of Organum.
The earliest polyphonic music is called organum.
The first type of polyphony was Gregorian chant. (T/F)False
The performance of Gaude Maria virgo is typical of the genre in that it is sung antiphonally. What does antiphonal mean? a performance style that alternates between two groups
What was the single most important feature in the development of Western music? polyphony
Which of the following is a true statement? Léonin is the first composer of polyphonic music whose name we know. Pérotin is the first composer of polyphonic music whose name we know. Léonin and Pérotin were at the forefront of composition at St. Mark’s in Venice. Anonymous IV is the first composer of polyphonic music whose name we know Léonin is the first composer of polyphonic music whose name we know.
Which of the following statements is NOT true? Notated polyphony emerged at the end of the Renaissance. Polyphonic music required a more exact notational system. With the development of notation, music became more carefully planned and preserved. European polyphony is distinctive because it was notated. Notated polyphony emerged at the end of the Renaissance.
Which statement regarding polyphony in the Middle Ages is NOT true? Some religious communities saw polyphony as a distraction. Composers of polyphony were sometimes characterized as vain. Polyphonic music became increasingly sought after. Polyphonic music was sung by the church congregation. Polyphonic music was sung by the church congregation
Which voice in organum carries the original chant in sustained notes? the lower voice
Who was Léonin’s successor? Pérotin
Who was the first leader of the Notre Dame School? Léonin
______ is credited with compiling the Magnus liber organi. Léonin
During the later Middle Ages, polyphonic developments in sacred music carried over to the secular realm. True
Music, mathematics, geometry, and astronomy were the four topics considered essential to medieval education.
How does Machaut convey the medieval fascination for puzzles in Ma fin est mon commencement? palindromic structure
In the Western tradition, music historically has not been linked to mathematics and geometry. False
In which poetic form is Machaut’s chanson Ma fin est mon commencement set? rondeau
European contacts with _______ inspired new concepts of art. Eastern cultures
Which secular medieval musicians entertained audiences at the higher social levels? troubadours
Machaut was the first composer self-consciously to attempt a compositional legacy. TRUE
Machaut’s own poetry often centers on the idea of medieval chivalry.
The Ars nova began in Italy around the early 1400s. False
The Ars nova ushered in developments in ______ that transformed the art of music. rhythm meter harmony All possible answers All possible answers.
The poems of the troubadour and trouvère repertory include political and moral ditties. love songs centered on the idea of “unrequited love.” laments. All possible answers. All possible answers
The poet-musicians who flourished in the south of France were known as troubadours.
There was an interest in both the regularity and complexity of musical patterns during the Ars nova. TRUE
Trouvères, medieval poet-musicians from the northern region of France, were members of the upper classes and the aristocracy
What is the genre of Machaut’s Ma fin est mon commencement? polyphonic secular chanson
What was the period that immediately preceded the Ars nova called? Ars antiqua
Where did Machaut work as a priest? Reims Cathedral
Which is a true statement regarding Machaut’s songs? Machaut’s songs are characterized by simple meters and rhythms. Machaut turned increasingly to sacred themes. Machaut set his chansons to French courtly love poems. All statements are true. Machaut set his chansons to French courtly love poems.
Which musical style appeared in the early 1300s in France and soon thereafter in Italy? Ars nova
Which of the following is/are poetic forms used in medieval chansons? ballade virelai rondeau All possible answers. All possible answers.
Which of the following topics might be found in medieval lyrics?unrequited love politics songs of the Crusades All possible answers. All possible answers
Which statement about Machaut is NOT true? His music and poetry were admired long after his death. He took holy orders but worked for multiple French courts. He turned increasingly from religious to secular themes. He was an influential composer of the Ars antiqua style. He was an influential composer of the Ars antiqua style.
Who of the following was NOT a medieval writer/poet? Boccaccio Chaucer Pythagoras Petrarch Pythagoras
________ mean(s) “finders” or “inventors.” Troubadours and trouvères
An unexpected harsh dissonance coinciding with the word “death” is an example of word-painting.
At which point in the text of Fair Phyllis does the work change to an imitative texture? “Up and down he wandered”
Both Italian and English madrigals often feature word-painting. True
Farmer “paints” the first line of the text, “Fair Phyllis I saw sitting all alone,” through the use of monophony.
Farmer’s Fair Phyllis is written for _____ voices four
In addition to the Italian madrigal, what other genre arose from the union of poetry and music during the Renaissance? French chanson
In madrigal poetry, references to death were erotic.
In which country did Monteverdi live and work? Italy
Which musical trait does NOT apply to Monteverdi’s madrigals? vivid depiction of emotional words rich chromatic harmony simple vocal style All possible answers. simple vocal style
Monteverdi emphasizes the last line of the poem in the madrigal Si ch’io vorrei morire by not repeating it. False
Monteverdi uses word-painting to portray the images found in the poetry for his madrigal Si ch’io vorrei morire. TRUE
Monteverdi’s Si ch’io vorrei morire is sung in Italian.
Which describes the performing forces of Monteverdi’s Si ch’io vorrei morire? 5-voice a cappella group
Which of the following instruments was likely found in prosperous homes during the Renaissance? lute
Sometimes humorous madrigals would have a refrain of syllables such as “fa la la.” TRUE
In regards to typical English madrigals, which statement is true? They often have lively rhythms. They often have pastoral texts. The texts are often humorous. All statements are true. All statements are true
In which of the following ways did Renaissance composers enhance the emotional content of madrigals? through the use of madrigalisms
The English madrigal preceded the development of the Italian madrigal by some one hundred years. False
The chief concern of the early madrigalists was to give pleasure to the amateur performer. TRUE
The mood of Farmer’s madrigal Fair Phyllis is light and pastoral.
The text of John Farmer’s Fair Phyllis refers to real historical figures. False
Where did the madrigal first emerge as an important genre? Italian courts at the beginning of the 1500s
Which of the following relate(s) to the genre of madrigal? direct expression of a composer’s musical personality most important secular genre of the Renaissance aristocratic form of poetry and music All possible answers. All possible answers.
Who of the following composers was influential in the later Italian madrigal tradition? Claudio Monteverdi
_______ claimed “the text should be the master of the music, not the servant.” Claudio Monteverdi
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Music Exam Questions: Baroque Era

Drama that is sung is called… an opera
The vocal style in opera that imitates the natural inflection of speech is… recitative
Opera was born through the musical innovation of… Florentine Camerata
A highly emotional song in an opera is called… an aria
The orchestral introduction heard at the beginning of an opera is called… an overture
The text of an opera is called… libretto
Who is best viewed as the first master of opera? Monteverdi
The earliest opera plots were from… Greek mythology
A type of English entertainment combining music poetry and dance was called… masque
The greatest native-born English composer of the Baroque was… Henry Purcell
Dido sings her famous lament in Purcells’ opera Did and Aeneas just prior to… killing herself
Dido’s Lament from Purcell’s opera Dido and Aeneas is composed of… over a ground bass
The sacred cantata was an integral part of the… Lutheran church service
Bach was most famous for… the organ
Which is not an oratorio? elaborate scenery
The stories for oratorios are generally drawn from… the Bible
George Frideric Handel was a master of… the oratorio
Later Handel turned his effort from opera to… the oratorio
Handel’s Messiah is… an oratorio
“Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion” from Messiah is an example of… a capo aria
The famous chorale climax in part II of Handel’s Messiah is… “The Halleluiah Chorus”
1st era of Western Music history in which instrument music were as important as singing music is… Baroque
Which is not a major difference between Baroque and modern violins? general shape of the instrument
What is in a contrasting key and does not characterize the suite? each movement
Water music by Handel is best described as a… suite
Dominant instruments in Mouet’s Rondeau is… the trumpet
The form of the rondeau is… ABADA
Instrumental form bases on the contrast of dissimilar masses of sound is.. concerto
Typical solo concerto has… 3 movements
A concerto base on the opposition of small and large groups of instruments is… concerto grosso
Solo instruments in Spring from the Four Seasons is.. violin
Who composed the Brandenburg Concertos? Bach
Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto comprises of how many movements? six
The accompanying groups in a concerto group is the… vipieno
The solo group in a concerto grosso is… the concertino
What was the most important instrument in the Baroque era? the piano
What is a keyboard instrument in which the strings are plucked by quills? the harpsichord
What is an improvisatory virtuosic keyboard work? Toccata
What is a work of an organ that displays the virtuosity of the organist? a chorale prelude
What is a keyboard form based on the principle of voices imitating each other? the Fugue
What is the principle element of a Fugue? chorale tone
The 2nd entrance of the subject is… the answer
What is not a contrapuntal device that alters the original theme? prelude
In a Fugue, the technique of stating the theme is faster rhythm… diminution
The opening section of the Fugue, in which all voices successively introduce the subject is… exposition
How many preludes and Fugues are contained in the two well-tempered clavier volumes? 48
Bach’s last demonstration of contrapuntal mastery was… the Art of Fugue
How many voices or individual lines are there in Bach’s contrapuntal from the Art of Fugue? four
The Beggar’s Opera was first presented in… London
John Gay’s the Beggar’s Opera is best described as… a ballad or a dialogue opera
Opera buffa is comic opera form in… Italy
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Music Ch 20

A variety show without a plot but with a unifying idea is called a revue.
Leonard Bernstein was a well-known conductor as well as a composer and author-lecturer.
West Side Story is loosely based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.
West Side Story contains an unprecedented fusion of song and drama with electrifying violent choreography.
Which of the following is not a function of film music? provide songs for the actors to sing
Movie soundtracks can contain original music and previously existing compositions.
Which of the following characters has a distinctive leitmotif? Darth Vader
During the last few years, moviegoers have taken a greater interest in film music.
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Music Notations

Half rest In time signatures with 4 as the bottom number, it receives 2 beats of silence
Two eighth notes A note having one-eighth the time value of a whole note.
Gràve slow (the slowest tempo in music)
Treble clef The clef used for notes in higher pitch ranges
MP Mezzo piano, Moderately Soft
Quarter rest one beat of silence
Alto clef A clef that indicates the location of middle C on the third line of the staff
Eighth rest receives 1/2 beats of silence
Bass clef clef for lower notes
Staff The five lines and four spaces between them on which music notes and other symbols are written
16th notes, 16th rest
Measure A unit or segment of music
Double bar line indicates the end of the composition or section
Piano Soft
Forte Loud
Adagio a slow tempo (between andante and largo)
Al fine The end
Bar line The lines which cross the staff and divide it into measures or bars
> Gradually getting softer
Prèsto Very fast
MF mezzo fortemedium loud
Half note In time signatures with 4 as the bottom number, it receives 2 beats
Vivace lively
||: :|| repeat sign
Music notation Music notation or musical notation is any system used to visually represent aurally perceived music through the use of written symbols, including ancient or modern musical symbols. Types and methods of notation have varied between cultures and throughout history, and much information about ancient music notation is fragmentary.
Whole note In time signatures with 4 as the bottom number, it receives 4 beats
< Gradually getting louder
Moderato Moderate
2 3 4 64 4 4 8 Top number indicates beats per measure, bottom number indicates what note gets one beat
D.S. Return to sign
Al Coda Go to the sign
ff Fortissimovery loud
b flat Lower the note one semitone
n natural
Whole rest Means the rest for a whole measure
D.C. go back to the beginning and play
pp Pianissimovery soft
Rit or Ritardando Gradually getting slower
Allegro Fast
Tie Connects two notes of the same pitch
Dotted half note In 3/4 and 4/4 time signatures, it receives three beats
1st and 2nd ending Play the 1st ending first time through, then on the repeat, skip to the 2nd ending
Fermata Hold the note longer than its normal value
# sharp
Staccato detached
Slùr play the notes legato
Triplet 3 notes played in the time of 2 notes of equal value
Àccent stressed note or chord
Andante moderately
Largo very slow
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gant music 200 quiz 11

which of the following is not an alternative to the traditional organization of pitch used by 20th century composers? tonic-dominant harmonies
the most famous riot in music history occurred in Paris in 1913 at the performance of Igor Stravinsky’s the rite of spring
Composers in the twentieth century drew inspiration from all answers
The technique of using two or more tonal centers at the same time is called ______. polytonality
All of the following composers worked in the early years of the twentieth century except ______. hector Berlioz
The absence of key or tonality in a musical composition is known as ______. atonality
in modern music all answers
A chord made of tones only a half step or a whole step apart is known as ______. a tone cluster
The combination of two traditional chords sounding together is known as ______. a polychord
A piano is often used in twentieth-century orchestral music to ______. a percussive edge
A great twentieth-century composer who was also a leading scholar of the folk music of his native land was ______. bela botark
In music, the early twentieth century was a time of ______. revolt and change
The glissando, a technique widely used in the twentieth century, is ______. a rapid slide up or down scale
A fourth chord is ______. a chord in which the tones are a fourth apart, instead of a third
The use of two or more contrasting and independent rhythms at the same time is known as ______. polyrhythm
To create fresh sounds, twentieth-century composers used ______. all answers
To what does ostinato refer? a motive or phrase that is repeated persistently at the same pitch throughout a section.
Which of the following statements is not true? composers in the early 20th century drew inspiration only form serious art music and their own intellect, ignoring popular and folk music
In twentieth-century music ______. all answers
The first significant atonal pieces were composed around 1908 by ______. Arnold schoenburg
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Connect: Computer Chapter 7

This allows you to upload and store documents on the Internet. cloud storage
t/fIf you have used Google Docs to create a word processing document, you have used cloud computing. True
t/fThe process of saving information to a secondary storage device is referred to as embedding. false
Which of the following is not an example of secondary storage?RAMflash drivesexternal hard drivesRAID RAM
Which of the following measures the amount of time required by the storage device to retrieve data and programs?capacityRAMAccess speed nonvolatile media access speed
t/fFile servers are appropriate devices to use in an enterprise storage system true
Which of the following characteristics about RAID is incorrect?highly reliableone high-capacity hard disk drivefast access speedexpanded storage capability one high-capacity hard disk drive
t/fDisk caching uses a combination of hardware and software true
t/fHard disks use tracks, sectors, and cylinders to store and organize files true
t/fMedia are the actual physical material that holds the data and programs true
t/fA hard crash typically occurs on an optical disc when it makes contact with particles on its surface. false
The process of accessing information from secondary storage devices is referred to as _______. reading
Which of these is not a mass storage device?organizational cloud storageRAID systemfile serveroptical disc optical disc
Smartphones use which of these storage technologies? flash memory card
t/fCD-ROMs are often used to archive data and to record music downloaded from the Internet false
t/fBlu-ray discs are designed for high definition and have a far greater capacity than DVDs. true
t/fExternal hard drives are used primarily to complement an internal hard disk. true
What is it called when servers on the Internet supply applications as a service, rather than a product? cloud computing
This process improves system performance by acting as a temporary high-speed holding area between a secondary storage device and the CPU disk caching
t/fRAID connects several inexpensive hard-disk drives to one another. true
t/fExternal hard disks use different technology than internal hard disks false
A CD-RW disc _______ can be erased and rewritten
t/fMass storage devices are specialized high-capacity secondary storage devices designed to store large amounts of data for an organization. true
t/fDisk caching improves hard-disk performance by compressing files. false
The _______ of a secondary storage device indicates how much data the storage medium can hold capacity
On a hard disk each track is divided into invisible wedge-shaped sections called _______. sectors
t/fA smoke particle, fingerprint, dust, or human hair could cause a hard disk head crash true
An external hard disk _______. usually connects to a USB or Thunderbolt port
t/fFile compression is only available on hard-disk drives false
t/fDVDs have replaced CDs as the standard optical disc true
Hard disks store and organize files using all of the following, except _______. paths
these discs have a capacity of 50 gigabytes on one side Blu-Ray
One way to improve the storage capacity of a hard disk is to _______. use file compression
The large capacity, high-definition optical discs designed to store hi-def video and video games are _______. Blu-ray
Three ways to improve the performance of a hard disk include _______. disk caching, RAID, and file compression
Which of these is not an example of solid state storage?USB drivesflash memory cardsdigital versatile discSSDs digital versatile disc
which of the following is true about an internal hard disk? often stores the operating system
t/fIn order to access your documents and files that are stored in the cloud, you must have an Internet connection. true
t/fFacebook is an example of cloud storage. false
The hard disk’s surface is scratched and some or all of the data is destroyed when there is a _______. head crash
All of the following are true of DVD-ROM drives except: they are also known as erasable optical discs
t/fSecondary storage provides temporary or volatile storage fasle
Solid-state storage devices are different than hard disks in that they _______. have no moving parts
Storage that retains its data after the power is turned off is referred to as _______ nonvolatile storage
Optical discs use these to represent data pits and lands
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MASC 151 Global Communications Quiz 4

T/F An Iranian woman was recently executed for killingher alleged rapist in self‑defense. True.
The UNESCO Convention on the Protection andPromotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressionswas adopted in October of which year? 2005
Euronews is widely knows as Europe’s answer to what network? CNN
T/F: Legal and illegal downloading is a major concern ofthe music industry. True.
English is the dominant language in the musicindustry with what notable exception? Spanish.
T/F: Barely a generation ago, Europeans only had accessto one or two state‑funded radio and televisionchannels. True.
T/f: Some of the most famous reporters and anchors inEurope come from Euronews. False.
MTV’s broad range of global viewers and listenersand the influence MTV has on them is called :a) Electronic Colonialismb) MTV World Widec) Imperialistic Programmingd) Global scale conformism a) Electronic Colonialism.
T/F: CNN has lost its market share to an unabashedright of center FOX News True.
T/F: Dilma Rousseff was running for reelection aspresident of Mexico this year. False.
T/F: Sundar Pichai was recently elected prime ministerof India. False.
Pressure created by the CNN Effect forced US andBritish Administrations to respond to whichinternational conflict? Somalia Crisis.
Define: Public Sphere. a hypothetical areabetween the private realm of the family and therealm of the state, which is very influential in Europeanmedia studies.
Television without Frontiers was replaced with whatdirective in 2007? Audiovisual Media Services.
What is the ultimate point of GATS? Liberalisatino of Trade Standards.
CNN changed the global format to:a) Late breaking newsb) 24 hour news broadcastingc) Global interest storiesd) Foreign government coups B. 24 hour news.
Because of CNN’s success in the niche market ofnews broadcasting they are bound to be followedby imitators. What are three main imitators? Fox News, BBC America, MSNBC.
T/F: Most foreign nations, with significantly smalleraudience bases, are unable to compete with theexpensive high‑quality production values of the USdramatic television programming. True.
T/f: CNN can force governments into damage controlmode when it reports such stories as Abu Ghraiband violations at Guantanamo Bay. True.
What is The United Kingdom’s major broadcasting network,who has been covering global events for decades? British Broadcasting Corporation, or BBC.
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Classical Period

We can say that the harmony in the following example is typical of the Classical period because it features: Chord accompaniment and clear, strong cadences (6:40)
The texture of the following example from the Classical period can best be described as: Homophonic (6:40)
The mostly homophonic texture of the following excerpt indicates that it comes from the Classical period. False (3:26)
Suppose you are listening to the first movement of a symphony written in the Classical period. You have heard the first section, in which two themes were introduced, and a second section, in which segments of those themes were expanded and developed. What would you expect next? A varied repeat of the first section with a return of the two original themes
The rhythm of the following example suggests that the piece was composed during the Classical period. The rhythm may be described as having a: Clear pulse and meter with regular, dance-like rhythms
Beethoven is sometimes referred to as “The Father of the Symphony.” False
This is an example of a new style of opera called opera buffa that emerged during the Classical period. It differed from opera in previous periods because… Stories were based on “real people,” and the music was light and humorous. (5:45)
The following excerpt comes from a famous aria in one of Mozart’s most enduring operas. Identify the opera in question. Don Giovanni (5:45)
Listen to the following example and select the genre that best defines it: Symphony (7:41)
Which genre is represented by this example? Concerto (1:13/6:40)
The following excerpt comes from a famous aria in one of Mozart’s most enduring operas. Identify the opera in question. The Magic Flute
From the Classical period onwards, sonata-allegro form was replaced by other forms as the basis for most instrumental music. False
The following example from the Classical Period may be classified as: Sonata or Concerto
Which classical genre is represented by this sample? Chamber music
Which of the following composers wrote this symphony? Ludwig Van Beethoven
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Module 14

Musical instruments whose sound generator is a stretched skin or other membrane are classified as membranophones
Singers in the Middle East and North Africa cultivate a vocal timbre that has a nasal, intense, and strained tone
Which of the following statements is not true? – Singing is the most important way of making music in the vast majority of nonwestern cultures.- Many nonwestern musical cultures do not have written notation.- In some parts of the world, including India and the middle east, improvisation is a highly disciplined art that requires years of training.- Nonwestern music primarily employs the same major and minor scales as western music Nonwestern music primarily employs the same major and minor scales as western music.
Musical instruments whose sound generator is a column of air are classified as aerophones
Which of the following statements is not true with regard to sub-Saharan Africa?- Many African languages are “tone languages,” in which the meaning of a word is determined by the relative pitch at which it is spoken.- African drummers are among the most sophisticated in the world, producing not only complicated rhythms but a wide range of tone colors and pitches as well.- Vocalists in Africa often use the pressure drum to accompany themselves.- Sub-Saharan Africa includes several thousand peoples with different religions, social customs, and ways of life, speaking over 700 different languages. Vocalists in Africa often use the pressure drum to accompany themselves.
A pattern of notes used in Indian music to create melody is called raga
Musical instruments whose own material is the sound generator are classified as idiophones
A repeated cycle of beats, or rhythmic pattern, in Indian music is called tala
The choice of musical instruments in nonwestern cultures frequently depends on- the culture’s geography.- All answers are correct.- religion.- the musical style of a culture. All answers are correct
The most important way of making music in most nonwestern cultures is by singing
The ________ is a long-necked lute with movable frets, seven strings, and nine to thirteen sympathetic strings, popular in north India. Sitar
Which of the following is not characteristic of Indian music?- Melodies are highly embellished.- The basic texture is polyphonic.- Melodies often move by microtones.- Improvisation, which plays an important role, is highly developed and sophisticated The basic texture is polyphonic
Music that has a texture in which all parts perform the same basic melody, but in versions that differ in ornamentation or rhythm, is called heterophonic
A performance style in which the phrases of a soloist are repeatedly answered by those of a chorus is known as call and response
Chordophones are instruments whose sound generator is a stretched string
Drums in sub-Saharan Africa- All answers are correct- are essential to many religious and political ceremonies.- come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and forms.- are usually played in groups of two to four. All answers are correct
Nonwestern music is most often transmitted orally from parent to child or teacher to student
Most of the music of sub-Saharan Africa features- a wide variety of instrumental ensembles.- percussive sounds.- All answers are correct.- complex rhythms and polyrhythms. All answers are correct
Nonwestern musical scales often contain ________ tones. All of these (five,six, and seven)
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The first movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata is set in a free songlike form.a) trueb) false a) true
How many movements are standard in a Classical concerto? a) two b) three c) four b) three
The favored solo instruments in the Classical concerto are:a) the violin and viola.b) the piano and violin.c) the piano and cello. b) the piano and violin.
Which malady afflicted Beethoven and profoundly affected his work as a composer? a) deafness b) blindness c) paralysis a) deafness
Which tempo scheme is standard for the movements of a concerto?a) slow-moderate-fastb) fast-slow-fast-fasterc) fast-slow-fast c) fast-slow-fast
Which form best describes the last movement of Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto? a) sonata allegro b) first-movement concerto c) rondo c) rondo
For what instrument did Haydn write his trumpet concerto? a) a natural trumpet (no valves) b) a keyed trumpet c) a valved trumpet b) a keyed trumpet
In the duo sonatas of the Classical era, the piano and solo instrument were often treated as equals.a) trueb) false a) true
Beethoven’s solo piano sonatas are some of the most important works in the literature. a) true b) false a) true
Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata was dedicated to one of his students, with whom he fell in love. a) true b) false a) true
Which was the probable cause of Beethoven’s death? a) trichinosis b) lead poisoning c) syphilis b) lead poisoning
Who was the talented blind pianist and organist for whom both Mozart and Salieri wrote concertos? a) Maria Theresa von Paradis b) Barbara von Ployer c) Maria Anna Mozart a) Maria Theresa von Paradis
How many symphonies did Beethoven write?a) 9b) over 40c) over 100 a) 9
Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata falls into a standard plan and forms for its movements.a) trueb) false b) false
The virtuoso pianist Maria Anna Mozart was the ______ of the composer.a) wife b) sisterc) mother b) sister
The Classical sonata typically consists of three to four movements.a) trueb) false a) true
Beethoven gave the nickname Moonlight to his own piano sonata.a) trueb) false b) false
Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata is set in a minor key throughout all the movements. a) true b) false b) false
A brilliant solo passage in the manner of an improvisation within a concerto is called a(n):a) aria.b) cadenza.c) ritornello. b) cadenza.